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Goodyear ServiceLine 24h Roadside Assistance in under 121 Minutes

Goodyear ServiceLine 24h Roadside Assistance in under 121 Minutes

The average time for Goodyear’s ServiceLine 24h roadside assistance, provided by the company´s European TruckForce network, to attend and fix a roadside breakdown in 2015 was just under 121 minutes . This means valuable savings for vehicle operators thanks to cutting costly unproductive downtime. The recent introduction of a new ServiceLine 24h mobile phone app is expected to reduce this even more.

The 2015 figures cover both mainland Europe and now includes the United Kingdom. Last year Goodyear’s ServiceLine 24h registered 57,435 high priority jobs, with more than 47,000 in the UK. These were handled through Goodyear’s pan-European TruckForce service provider network. The time taken from the receipt of the callout by the Goodyear ServiceLine 24h center to the vehicle driving away with the job completed was on average just under 121 minutes in EMEA and an incredible 117 minutes in the UK.

Fast turnaround of roadside breakdowns means delivery times are met and customers satisfied. This is exactly what Goodyear delivers thanks to its ServiceLine 24h roadside assistance and Europe-wide network of TruckForce service providers.

“We are really proud of the performance that our TruckForce service partner network is achieving,” said Nigel Sowerby, Director Retail Commercial and Service Development at Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa. “In the event of a truck tyre-related incident, commercial vehicle operators want fast service and no excuses. This is what we are providing and the statistics prove it. Our new mobile phone app helps getting the job done even quicker and will no doubt cut times even more in the future.”

In December, Goodyear released its free of charge ServiceLine24h mobile phone app. The push of a button immediately links a truck, bus or coach driver to the Goodyear ServiceLine24h call center 24/7, 365 days a year so that assistance can be dispatched faster. Key features of the ServiceLine24h app are automatic language detection, a pop-up screen to guide the dispatch process and GPS-enabled search, showing the nearest Goodyear TruckForce service partner.
The Goodyear ServiceLine 24h roadside assistance service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of a breakdown, contact with the multi-lingual control center will result in the nearest TruckForce service vehicle being quickly dispatched to resolve the problem. In Europe, Goodyear has more than 2,000 TruckForce service providers strategically located in 28 countries. Taking into account some of the remote areas covered where it is not possible to have assistance close at hand, the short average time to put trucks back on the road is remarkable.

Both ServiceLine 24h and TruckForce are elements of Goodyear’s FleetFirst tyre management program offering premium new and retreaded truck tyres, dedicated services and innovative solutions such as FleetOnlineSolutions, Goodyear’s internet-based tyre management program.

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