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Goodyear’s complete commercial vehicle tyre range now available as moldcure retreads

Goodyear announces today that for the first time it is launching its TreadMax retread lines simultaneously with the introduction of its brand new tyres. The inclusion of the KMAX and FUELMAX lines in retread means that Goodyear now offers its full range of commercial vehicle tyres as moldcure retreads, which provide performance close to that of new tyres and keep operating costs down.

Previously, retread versions have followed some while after the launch of new tyre lines. The simultaneous introduction of the TreadMax KMAX and FUELMAX versions means that commercial vehicle operators do not have to wait to experience all the benefits of TreadMax KMAX and FUELMAX; they can have their worn Max Technology tyres retreaded to the new designs right away.
The new products are TreadMax KMAX D and TreadMax FUELMAX D drive tyres, and TreadMax KMAX T and TreadMax FUELMAX T trailer tyres. The drive tyres are available in sizes 315/8022.5 and 315/7022.5, with 295/80R22.5 and 60 series tyres being added later. The trailer tyres are available in sizes 385/6522.5 and 385/5522.5, with the later addition of size 435/50R19.5 in FUELMAX T.
"Until now, truck operators have had to buy new tyres in order to experience the benefits offered by the latest products that have been introduced. With TreadMax KMAX and FUELMAX those benefits are available now, and will help to further decrease costs per kilometre for our customers," said Leszek Szafran Director Retread Operations Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA). "We are also very pleased that we can now provide the full range of current Goodyear commercial vehicle tyres in our premium TreadMax range."

Operators using Goodyear Max Technology tyres (Marathon LH or Regional RH tyres) can upgrade to the new tyre designs by having their worn tyres retreaded as TreadMax KMAX and FUELMAX products. To ensure a high quality tyre, only Goodyear Max Technology casings are used for TreadMax retreads, which use the same materials, tread designs and technology as the new tyres they replicate. This means that they offer similar levels of performance to those of their new premium counterparts. For example, an operator can now benefit by returning a worn Goodyear Marathon LHD II casing and having it retreaded as the latest TreadMax FUELMAX D tyre.

These new products now complete the comprehensive line-up of Goodyear commercial vehicle tyres. This range includes the recently introduced Marathon Coach and Ultra Grip Coach tyres as well as the Marathon LHD II and LHT II, Regional RHS II, RHD II and RHT II, Mixed service MSS II, MSD II and MST II and Municipal MCA and MCD Traction tyres.

The multiple life concept of regrooving, retreading and subsequent regrooving can extend the life of a new tyre by one and a half times at about 80% of the cost of a new tyre. Two thirds less oil is used and 34% less greenhouse gases are produced in making a retread compared with a new tyre’s manufacture, which is important for the environment. Also fewer materials, including chemicals, are used and less tyre casings are scrapped. The tyre performance being close to that of a new tyre, thanks to low rolling resistance and high mileage, means that costs per kilometre are kept low.
All TreadMax products are produced in-house by Goodyear at its plants in Riom in France, Wittlich in Germany and Wolverhampton in the UK, to the same quality standards as those used in the manufacture of new tyres.

Retread Choices for Operators
Goodyear provides three choices to operators when their tyre tread depth reaches a level where retreading is an option and the carcass is undamaged.
• Casing Exchange – the old tyre is purchased by Goodyear and a new retread then sold to the customer.
• Customer Owned Casing – the old tyre is retreaded by Goodyear using the mold cure process and returned as a new TreadMax product. The customer just pays for the retreading process. This is the preferred option by many operators who like to know the whole life history of their tyres.
• Casing Purchase – the old tyre is sold to Goodyear for retreading and use by another vehicle operator.
The Casing Exchange and Customer Owned Casing options, which have been available in Italy and France for some time, were recently introduced in the Benelux region and will be offered in Germany, Austria and Poland in September and in Spain later in the year. Other European countries will follow next year.

Goodyear FleetFirst Service
Retreading and regrooving are just two of the services within Goodyear’s FleetFirst broad portfolio. These services are available through the nearly 2000-strong network of TruckForce service providers, strategically located in 28 European countries. Each has the equipment and trained staff to tackle all tyre-related requirements. These and a further network of approved workshops and operatives also form part of the ServiceLine 24h roadside assistance program, which is available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Also part of FleetFirst is tyre management through FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS) and FleetOnlineSolutions Mobile, which take the worry of tyre maintenance away from fleets and help further reduce costs.

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