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Goodyear’s new truck tyre generation coming soon

Goodyear has announced today the roll-out of a new generation of truck tyres. Two completely new truck tyre ranges will be launched on the European market in September: KMAX and FUELMAX, comprising steer, drive and trailer tyres.

Their names are suitably associated with their capabilities: KMAX is Goodyear’s new ‘kilometre king’ built for optimised mileage, and FUELMAX has been designed for maximum fuel efficiency. The new tyres take the emphasis off the type of operation, i.e. long haul or regional haul, and put it on the economic priority, be it mileage or fuel efficiency. KMAX and FUELMAX are about cost optimization and contribution to business success for the operators using these tyres.

The new ranges will make fleets’ tyre choice easier. Operators will now be able to choose tyres according to their business type and need, allowing them to put the main priority on mileage or on fuel efficiency.

Without compromising overall tyre performance, the new Goodyear tyres provide the operational flexibility to perform well in long haul as well as regional haul – all year round.

Goodyear KMAX and FUELMAX tyres are currently undergoing rigorous field trials, with selected European truck fleets taking part in extensive testing. The results of these tests together with more details on the tyres’ attributes will be shared shortly.

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