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Goplasticboxes GoBox 2500 CL new foldable crate cuts transportation costs

Companies in the retail sector can achieve significant cost savings with the GoBox 2500 CL, a new foldable crate, only available in the UK through Goplasticboxes.com.

Russell Smith, the company’s plastic box specialist, said: "What makes this crate unique is its locking system. A latch beneath the handle locks the crate’s side walls securely into place, but when lifted, the latch collapses the box flat, which can offer businesses considerable cost savings on return journey transportation. Unlike most foldable boxes, the GoBox 2500 CL makes virtually no sound when collapsed, so it can help reduce noise pollution in food packing areas and supermarkets."

A standard truck can hold up to 7,788 flat-packed crates – 33 stacks of 236 crates per pallet – ensuring minimal wastage space in transit. Fewer return journey trips can help businesses reduce their expenditure and improve their carbon footprint, making the GoBox 2500 CL an eco-friendly solution for goods transportation.

The GoBox 2500 CL has been ergonomically designed with a number of useful built-in features. Improvements to the crate’s base allow superior drainage for industrial washing and better airflow, offering optimum product protection. Label holders at each end of the crate provide clear barcode visibility, making it easier for customers to identify their products throughout the supply chain.

Optional features include corporate personalisation with a logo moulded on both sides of the crate; RFID location points at the ends and sides of the crate, allowing businesses to track their goods; and a variety of different single colour and two-colour options.

The GoBox 2500 CL is available in two versions – solid (LRS) and perforated (LRP) – and is manufactured in recycled and virgin materials. The crate measures 600mm (L) x 400mm (D) x 221mm (H) when standing and 52mm (H) when folded, and it weighs 2.2kg.

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