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Goplasticpallets.com launches best in class collapsible pallet box

Goplasticpallets.com launches best in class collapsible pallet box

Goplasticpallets.com has introduced a new lightweight collapsible pallet box to its range – a cost effective alternative to existing sleeve pack systems – which is easy to assemble, secure and available to order direct from stock!

The new GoBox 1210 K PAC is comprised of three parts: a nestable pallet base, a plastic sealed sleeve and a secure fitting lid. Its low tare weight of 26.5kg – up to 15kg less than comparable containers – makes it particularly cost-effective and environmentally efficient for engineering, retail and pharmaceutical applications and for handling and delivering large volumes of packaging materials.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of Goplasticpallets.com, said: “There are not many jobs an operative can do in just six seconds, but that’s as long as it takes to assemble and disassemble our GoBox 1210 K PAC. As far as we’re concerned, no other sleeve pack system offers the same ease of handling; that’s why we believe it’s the best in class collapsible pallet box on the market.”

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A unique design feature of the GoBox 1210 K PAC is a simple mechanism which helps locate the sleeve on the nestable pallet base, holding it securely in place. This means that the sleeve can be opened and closed in one smooth movement, without the need to lock the sleeve into place. A deep drop-down door on the front of the sleeve offers quick and easy access to goods when open and can be sealed closed for safety in transit.

Special built-in flexible handles on the lid make it easy to lift on and off, and a channel on the underside holds the sleeve in place. The profile of the lid also has clever shaping which allows boxes to be safely stacked up on top of each other – ideal for where storage space is limited and for maximising vehicle fill on outbound deliveries.

When flat packed, the sleeve fits neatly within the pallet base and the lid slots securely on top, sitting just within the pallet perimeter, protecting the sleeve from getting wet or dirty and promoting long term use. The space saving design measures just 205mm high in collapsed mode making collection and redeployment much easier than with comparable boxes.

With a footprint of 1200mm x 1000mm and height of 995mm, the sturdy GoBox 1210 K PAC comes on nine feet as standard and offers an impressive internal volume of 862 litres. Each box can hold up to 500kg and when fully-loaded can be stacked two boxes high.

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