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Government’s ‘Green Revolution’ must be underpinned by robust regulation

Public affairs company Aldersgate Group supports the aspirations of the Government's renewable strategy, outlined today, but warns that any future policies must be enforced with effective regulation.

This is in response to the launch of a Government consultation on its proposed renewable energy strategy, which details how the UK will meet the EU target of producing 15% of UK energy from renewable sources by 2020. It envisages the creation of multi-billion pound markets, creating 160,000 green collar jobs, while reducing dependency on foreign oil and reducing power bills in the long term.

In particular, it is hoped that the consultation response will clearly demonstrates the economic benefits of a feed-in tariff, which has the potential to deliver a wide deployment of renewable energy technologies. A feed-in tariff guarantees a long term premium for electricity generated from renewable sources and fed into the grid. Germany is one example where it has been adopted with considerable success, and since it was enacted in 2000, Germany now generates 12.5 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources and has 214,000 people employed in the renewable sector (in comparison, the UK employs 7,000 despite greater renewable energy resources).

Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group said: “This strategy could lay the foundations for the jobs and wealth of tomorrow. To succeed, it must be underpinned by robust regulation and create the right incentives for business.”

“The Government have made clear that there are vast economic benefits for the UK if it genuinely meets its EU renewable commitments in 2020 and we must now ensure it does not trade its way out of them.”

The Aldersgate Group is a coalition of leading businesses and environmental groups that provide the economic case for high environmental standards.

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