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GPS tracking company TRAAKiT launch security tracking solution for industrial plant and machinery

Equipment theft is one of the biggest problems facing British businesses and a leading GPS tracking device company has been so inundated with enquires from equipment hirers and the companies in the UK construction and transport trade that they have introduced a custom programmed tracking device to safeguard equipment and machinery.

"TRAAKiT’s new user-friendly device can be easily attached to anything from diggers and tractors to lorries and dumpers and we’ve received so many calls from companies operating in this sector that we thought we would launch a special TRAAKiT service especially for them," says TRAAKiT’s Tim Young.

With no need to drill holes or modify what is being guarded in any way, the TRAAKiT monitor can be hidden in any convenient spot such as in a compartment, or under a seat. The equipment is guarded by setting an invisible boundary and the TRAAKiT user is immediately sent an SMS text message to his mobile phone and by email when the equipment being guarded leaves the designated area. The TRAAKiT user can then see where his equipment by accessing an on-line interactive mapping system and can coordinate the capture of the thieves and the recovery of his equipment with the Police.

The invisible boundary can be set and deactivated automatically at times to suit the TRAAKiT user. His equipment can therefore be "locked down" and guarded when it is not supposed to be used. For equipment hirers, the TRAAKiT system will also provide them reports when the equipment is in use.

The response to this new technology in the construction industry has been phenomenal and one fine example of its many uses is leading East Anglian equipment exporters and suppliers Greenheath Limited.

The company buys and sells used construction equipment and often find that they have to leave expensive machinery such as JCB 3CX’s in quite vulnerable locations overnight so using a TRAAKiT give them real peace of mind.

"If you have spent fifty or sixty thousand pounds on a piece of machinery then theft is a real concern but we use TRAAKiTs to monitor pretty much anything that’s easy for thieves to take away," says Greenheath’s Iain Stephens. "TRAAKiTs are so reliable we’ve used the devices to safeguard our machinery on journeys to far-flung destinations like Poland and Russia and we’ve even started using them on our demonstration machinery to check that equipment is where people have told us it is and is not being used for short-term contracts without our permission! As soon as the position of the TRAAKiT moves my team is alerted simultaneously and the device has transformed the way we do business."

"The winter is always a bad time for machinery thefts as equipment is often left outside in a vulnerable place" says TRAAKiT’s Tim Young. "TRAAKiT provides an affordable flexible solution and peace of mind to companies that their assets are being watched over and it’s great to know that you will be alerted immediately if anything gets taken."

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