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Greener landscaping as Marshalls Joins Calor

A leading manufacturer of landscaping products has converted its forklift fleet to Calor Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) making both environmental and cost

Established in the late 1880s, Marshalls is the UK's leading manufacturer of superior natural stone and innovative concrete hard landscaping products, supplying the construction, home improvement and landscape markets.

As well as operating its own quarries and manufacturing sites, the group also runs 12 service centres and 14 offices throughout the UK. Its products have been used to build some of the most significant projects in the UK, including the development of the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool.

As a major plc, Marshalls is committed to quality in everything it does, including environmental best practice and aims to achieve the highest possible environmental performance,minimising the impact of its operations.

Mick Cragg, yard manager at the company's West Lane site in Southowram, Halifax, explains why the company switched to LPG: “The decision to switch from a mixed fleet of diesel and electric powered forklift trucks to an LPG fleet was initially based on the environmental savings demonstrated by Calor LPG. It offers much fewer carbon emissions than diesel and eliminates the need to have electric batteries on charge 24 hours a day.

“However, we soon learnt that there were other benefits including cost savings and increased flexibility of the fleet. As we are no longer charging batteries, we have seen electricity consumption dramatically decrease and LPG fuelled trucks cost less to operate than electric.

“Also, we are able to use the same trucks inside the production facility that we use outside when loading and unloading trucks for deliveries. With the original mixed fleet, we had to keep the diesel trucks outside as they were too dirty to use inside, and use the electric trucks inside.”

Marshalls now operates a fleet of 50 LPG powered Linde trucks at its West Lane site, each fitted with a fixed fuel tank. Available with 55 or 70 litre capacities, fixed fuel tanks require fewer refuelling stops helping to reduce downtime and labour costs whilst increasing productivity.

Calor's Safety, Health & Environment Manager, Dr. Terry Ritter, says reducing carbon emissions is currently high on the agenda with businesses looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious: “LPG is high octane cleaner burning fuel, resulting in less carbon build up in forklift truck engines, less oil contamination and less overall engine wear. In addition fitting LPG forklift trucks with a three-way converter cuts fuel consumption by up to 20%*.

“An LPG powered truck fitted with a three-way catalytic converter and closed loop engine control system, monitors and adjusts its fuel to air mixture 1,000 times a second to give an optimum burn.”

LPG forklift trucks can be quickly refuelled from a bulk tank allowing a true 24/7 operation. As well as saving time on refuelling, running a fleet on LPG can save valuable storage space with no need for a separate area devoted to battery charging.

But aside from its fuel rivals, Calor LPG stands out on its own, with a number of inherent advantages. Calor offers a team of dedicated technical experts who assess a client's needs, recommend a solution and where required, design a tailored system as well as giving guidance on relevant HSE regulations.

Fuel storage and supply decisions are tailored to find the best business solution, whether it is bulk tanks or cylinders, and all the major forklift truck manufacturers offer LPG powered vehicles in their product ranges.

What's more Calor offers real peace of mind. Taking care of all servicing and maintenance of the LPG bulk tanks, the company performs a detailed tankinspection at every fuel delivery. Operating the UK's largest LPG
delivery network, Calor also offers The Think Tank® telemetry system which automatically monitors the level of LPG within the tank to ensure that business should never run out of gas.

For Calor, safety is paramount; with LPG refuelling training provided at all new and existing sites on request. For companies who have ongoing training
requirements, Calor's train the trainer package may be deemed more appropriate.This allows customers the flexibility to carry out training at their own convenience.

Mick concludes: “Since the switch our forklift truck fleet operation has run much more smoothly and we can rest assured we have done everything we can to ensure the site is as environmentally sound as possible and meets our corporate aims and objectives.”

For further information on Calor LPG powered forklift trucks visit www.lpg-forklift.co.uk http://www.lpg-forklift.co.uk or telephone 0800 626 626.

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