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Greenview Tolle shredding system cuts composting time by half

Leading organic recycling firm Greenview Environmental is setting its sights high with the launch of several innovative products that will help the UK waste management sector meet recycling targets – including its high-rise Alfawall building system; an in-ground aeration solution; and the quiet and ultra-efficient Greenview Tolle shredding system that can cut composting time by half.

Alfawall building system
Greenview has unveiled Alfawall as a rising star in its building solutions portfolio. Developed in conjunction with leading pre- concrete manufacturer Poundfield Products, Alfawall is a modular, concrete construction system that offers dramatic time and cost savings, both for new builds and the expansion of existing facilities.

A series of prefabricated concrete blocks, Alfawall is available in units of 4.6 and 6 metres in height. Easy to assemble, the A-shape structures can be lifted into place and secured to one another to quickly create in-vessel composting (IVC), airtight units or maturation bays of any shape or size. The simplicity of the building system means that composting plants can be built and ready to receive waste in as little as 26 weeks – approximately eight to ten weeks less than standard build time.

The Alfawall design has superior stress and load-bearing properties, while the use of concrete removes any risk of corrosion and enables aeration equipment to be located on the roof. The units are portable, modular and have very few components, making the system flexible, highly scalable and easy to maintain. The Alfawall system is integral to the design of Greenview’s state-of-the-art Corby site, a 40,000 tonne per annum composting facility, which opened in August 2009.

Greenview Tolle shredding system
Greenview has also commenced production of a new heavyweight shredding machine that can dramatically accelerate the process of large-scale composting, reduce overall operating costs and perform at significantly quieter levels than other available solutions.

The Greenview Tolle is now available for local authorities, waste management companies and private composting firms to purchase or hire under licence. The machine, which has been adapted by Greenview to deal specifically with municipal solid waste, wood and bulky organic material, has advanced grinding capabilities. Where other solutions struggle, the Greenview Tolle can handle up to 60 tonnes of unsorted green bin, civic amenity and catering waste an hour. By pulverising organic material into consistently small 12mm output particles quickly and efficiently, it reduces the volume of waste by a four to one ratio.

Capable of handling virtually any foreign object thrown at it, the Greenview Tolle is very easy to maintain. A full set of hammers can be replaced in as little as one hour, a major advantage over standard solutions that may be out of action for days at a time if wearing parts fail. It is also dramatically quieter than other shredding solutions available, meaning a normal conversation can be had within just five metres of the equipment. The Greenview Tolle can also be powered using electricity generated by biogas rather than oil – further boosting its environmental credentials.

Greenview has now introduced the specially adapted Greenview Tolle to several of its UK composting facilities, where it is used in conjunction with a number of other Greenview solutions to cut standard composting timescales from twelve weeks to just under six. The Greenview Tolle is available in two sizes (model 42 and model 58) either as a lease option based upon tonnage processed, for a minimum five-year contract, or for sale outright (finance leases can be arranged if required).

In-ground aeration systems
Greenview is also making its bespoke In-ground negative aeration system commercially available to composting companies and large waste management companies with multiple sites. To comply with Environment Agency requirements to manage odour, there is growing demand for a proven solution that can deliver high-quality compost, accredited to PAS 100 standard.

By using negative aeration methods to suck rather than blow air through composting material, Greenview has perfected a viable and highly effective solution with many advantages over traditional aeration. Benefits include reduced installation time; less downtime between filling in-vessel composting and maturation bays and starting aeration; and because the technology is built into the floor, it is highly durable.

John Jardine, CEO of Greenview Environmental said, "To meet recycling and compliance targets, organic recycling operators need high quality systems that can be up and running quickly with the promise of reliability, cost savings and performance benefits. Our new product developments will help them achieve this."

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