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Grotech helps out Mudtech in a sticky situation

Grotech Production Ltd. prides itself on its ability to deliver a high quality product to often very tight deadlines and this was put to the test when Mudtech Ltd. called upon Grotech's expert services.

Mudtech had developed a new specialist mud conditioning product and following strong demand needed this to be packed very quickly in order to distributed as soon as possible.

Mudtech's existing contractor was not in a position to respond to this request but were more than happy to nominate a company that they would recommend to handle the job. As a fellow BCMPA (British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association) member and with an outstanding industry reputation, Grotech was the obvious company to turn to.

Grotech was pleased to facilitate this request and was confident that it had the capacity and expertise to deliver the product to the client's demanding timeframe. So Grotech purchased the packaging from the original contractor under an agreement brokered by the BCMPA and got to work.

At its state of the art facility Grotech completed the re-packaging and delivered to Mudtech's customer within the week, without compromising on the levels of quality control throughout the process.

Rapid, high quality turnaround was not the only benefit of working with Grotech, as Tech Sales Manager Ian Morrison was happy to acknowledge: “Grotech's COSHH
(Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) procedures are impeccable and it was heartening to find a partner who takes this issue as seriously as we do. In fact, their experience in working up a COSHH assessment and handling our material was a useful verification process for our CHIPS (Chemicals Hazard Information for Supply) documentation and we look forward to repeating that exercise on future such projects.”

He added: “Our previous experience of outsourcing has been rather mixed but Grotech demonstrated how it should be done. We'll certainly be using them again.”

Grotech's director, Martin Usher, commented: “When we were approached to take on the packaging of Mudtech's new product we were delighted, especially as this came from another BCMPA supplier.

“With our vast experience in the packaging of a range of specialist materials we knew straight away that we could handle this job in the time required by the client.

“Although the job was done swiftly we still took care to pay attention to every detail and the client was particularly pleased with our attitude to health and safety. It is this exceptional service on which we have built an incredibly loyal customer base and we look forward to delivering this same service to many new customers.”

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