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GT Nexus promotes a career in the supply chain on Supply Chain Day 2015

Supply Chain Day aims to educate, particularly young people on the supply chain, the impact it has on our daily lives and the potential for a career in supply chain management. With this year’s event just around the corner (16 April) what should someone considering a career in supply chain management expect?

Boris Felgendreher of supply chain specialists GT Nexus thinks it’s the sexiest job in the world. That supply chain managers are at the cutting edge of technology, working at pace to keep products moving and shelves stocked with influence across the business functions of today’s most successful companies. “Today’s supply chain managers have to respond swiftly to sudden changes and unforeseen disruptions and anticipate global trends and innovate to stay ahead of them,” says Boris. “Innovation is high on the industry agenda with reliance on cloud-based collaboration platforms to manage complex global supply chains. Supply chain managers are turning Big Data into real-time, actionable business intelligence. It’s a game-changing skill and one that puts supply chain management centre stage in the boardroom.”

With the UK government recognising the importance of supply chain management skills in its action plan for government and industry, ‘Strengthening UK manufacturing supply chains,’ stating, ‘We will encourage employers to do more to support the training needs of the supply chain’, could supply chain management be today’s career of choice?

If you would like to speak to Boris about the increasing importance of the role of supply chain managers and how the job description has changed dramatically in recent years, do let me know as I would be happy to arrange this.

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