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Guttridge Ltd launches the new Silo Sweep Auger, extending its range for grain handling

The new Silo Sweep Auger from Guttridge Ltd, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bulk materials handling equipment, is a robust, highly reliable machine for the automated emptying of grain silos. Its introduction extends Guttridge’s already broad range for grain handling allowing the company to offer efficient solutions, with local UK support, for every aspect of on-farm or central storage transfer. A fully integrated service for sweep auger replacement extends from the removal of old equipment right through to on-site commissioning of the new product.

"We’re delighted to be launching the elegant and highly specified Silo Sweep Auger," said Paul Gott, Sales & Marketing Director, "The patented design has been rigorously refined to ensure the very highest levels of reliability and presents an efficient and robust solution, at a competitive price. We recognise the importance of a UK product to many of our farming customers so we are very pleased to extend our range to include this important piece of grain handling equipment."

Grain silos empty under gravity but as grain levels drop this process stalls. One option is to dig out the residual volume manually, but this incurs substantial labour costs and raises HSE issues. The alternative is to use a sweep auger, which as the name suggests, sweeps across the silo floor, transferring the remaining grain via a screw to the silo outlet.

The Guttridge Silo Sweep Auger is made from galvanised steel to improve longevity and reduce the risk of product contamination from flaking paint. Rubber blades ensure an efficient sweep of the silo floor while an enclosed clutch and motor mechanism prevents grain ingress and subsequent damage, improving reliability. The patented drive design delivers the very highest levels of efficiency by reducing slip and strain within the system.

See the Silo Sweep Auger for the first time at UK Grain, 6th November 2013.

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