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Habasit Rossi conveying savings for furniture makers

With UK furniture manufacturers facing escalating energy and raw materials prices, the drive for greater cost efficiencies is causing many in the industry to re-evaluate their current product handling. Improvements to existing conveyor systems can not only achieve higher levels of output but must also reduce costs and production downtimes.

This is the opinion of leading conveyor belting manufacturer Habasit Rossi's industry sector manager for textile and wood Jim Dowell, who's focus is to help furniture producers pinpoint where they can improve their materials and product flow through, in order to optimise output.

According to Mr Dowell the furniture industry is at a critical point in its development, which is reflected in pressures that it faces at a time when many producers are trying to capitalise on new market opportunities.

Mr Dowell said: “The cost of raw materials remains an issue for furniture manufacturers and combined with rising interest rates and continuing high energy costs, the UK furniture sector as a whole needs to re-assess how the conveying systems it uses can be more energy efficient, whilst maximising factory efficiency and safeguarding product quality.”

“Habasit Rossi has a range of products and systems capable of saving up to 8% in energy, meeting all furniture manufacturers' requirements, from the raw materials stage, to preparation areas, assembly and packing through to distribution,” he added.

Mr Dowell continued: “The industry is continually looking to invest in high quality well-planned integrated conveying equipment that is cost-effective to run, whilst reducing the volume of damaged goods.”

Habasit Rossi stressed that its specialist furniture conveyor belts can be retrofitted, resulting in reduced downtime due to quicker cleaning times backed up by localised repairs in the event of a belt breakage.

With what is possibly the largest choice of different belting solutions, which can be precisely tailored to bespoke projects for specific requirements, Habasit Rossi is already a dominant player in the European furniture market and it is eager that even more UK companies benefit from its extensive range for the soft furnishings and furniture sectors.

Energy savings of 6% – 8% can be made because of flexible bending properties of Habasit Rossi's belting, whilst the service life of the belts has been extended without compromising on price competitiveness. Flexible joining methods mean belts can be attached to the machine without adhesives for bonding. This method is much quicker and simpler than traditional joining practices as it is flexible and smooth along the entire belt to ensure constant and equal performance.

Jim Dowell concluded: “Our decision to target the furniture sector was a logical one, because of our extensive conveyor belt range and our unrivalled support package. Not only can Habasit Rossi provide the right product but, just as importantly, it can also provide those in furniture and soft furnishings with reduced costs, thanks to less conveyor belt downtimes.”

As part of Habasit Rossi Ltd's ongoing strategy to provide a market leading service, the company's sales team has recently been re-structured around industry sectors. This has been done to ensure that there is a greater focus on the specific needs of its customers and will enable its team of key account managers to be even more aware of developments in products, service and industry.

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