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Hako Machines Ltd at The Cleaning Show 2007

A single unit for tough but safe sweeping and scrubbing. With its powerful LPG engine, large tanks and dirt hopper, the Hakomatic 1800 LPG ride-on sweeper/scrubber-drier from Hako Machines Ltd can clean over 12,000 square metres an hour – making it the ideal machine for both inside and outside even the largest facilities.

The 1800 LPG provides economical sweeping and scrubbing in a single, heavy duty machine. An excellent climbing ability makes the machine particularly suited to multi-storey car park applications. Its large wheels and high ground clearance ensure the 1800 can negotiate kerbs with ease.

Highly productive sweeping
A powerful hydraulic sweeper unit with a large main broom and two side brushes gives the 1800 LPG a total working width of up to 1,920 mm. As well as easily cleaning up large amounts of dirt, the machine can dispose of it just as efficiently thanks to infinitely variable hydraulic emptying of the dirt hopper via a high dump. This allows, for example, dirt to be unloaded directly into large waste containers (up to a height of 1,520 mm). The compressor used for the rubbish provides the 240 litre dirt hopper with excellent filling properties while a Dust Protection Class 'L' cassette filter ensures effective dust vacuuming.

A compact scrubber-drier.
As a wet cleaning unit the compact 1800 LPG has a working width of 1,270mm and features a 380 litre volume clean water tank and has a 400 litre dirty water capacity. The machine benefits from a hydraulic brush drive (comprising three plate brushes with generous overlap) and an adjustable hydraulic brush pressure of up to 180 kg, which can adapt to all types of floor covering. A parabolic squeegee with rubber blades, which are highly resistant to wear and suitable for tough multiple–shift applications, swivels right under the machine's body.

Operator comfort and safety
Using the 1800 LPG is simplicity itself thanks to all the controls being directly within the operator's reach and view. All features can be switched on or off with a fingertip touch.

Operators gain easy access to an elevated seating position, which guarantees excellent visibility of the scrubbing unit, which by protruding to the side allows cleaning close to an edge.

With a robust steel frame construction the 1800 LPG is a tough machine but it is also very safe thanks to features such as front and rear lights fitted as standard, a reverse warning signal and a squeegee that lifts when the machine is in reverse mode. By swivelling beneath the machine's body, the machine's side brushes, brush head and squeegee avoid obstacles and are thus protected from damage due to collisions.

Thanks to its large tanks the 1800 LPG allows shorter set up times. Economy is further bolstered by an optional recycling system that saves resources and, when the machine comes to a standstill, the brushes and the water supply are stopped. The cleaning solution dosage can be easily adapted to suit the type / amount of dirt being collected, while an Automatic Filling System ensures the exact dosage is supplied.

Maintenance is simplified in the 1800 LPG by the easy access provided to the drive unit, which swings out of the machine's body, the drain hose and the dust filter system. Because the dust filter can be accessed without the need for tools, it can be changed quickly and easily. The main broom also can be changed or adjusted without tools.

Editors' notes: About Hako
Hako UK is part of the Hako Group, one of the leading manufacturers, worldwide, of technology for indoor and outdoor cleaning and grounds maintenance. The company has factories throughout Europe.

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