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Half Measures, Thorough Examination campaign launched at IMHX 2013

You wouldn’t expect a video about Thorough Examination of fork lift trucks to begin in a tailor’s shop, but that’s exactly what happens in the new "Half Measures" video from Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS).

Launched at IMHX 2013, the eye-catching video – projected onto a video wall that covered the entire frontage of the CFTS stand – unsurprisingly caught the attention of thousands of visitors to the show.

CFTS Chairman Richard Hayes says: "The video shows how a customer’s incomplete suit leaves him badly exposed… just like failing to check a fork lift truck’s brakes would be an incomplete inspection, leaving a company open to much worse than a worrying breeze.

"Incredibly, though, this is the situation faced by thousands of fork lift truck managers – believing they are fully covered when they are not. "
New research from CFTS shows that the majority of fork lift truck managers believe any Thorough Examination will automatically cover all of the critical safety parts of a truck – like the brakes, the steering and the chassis.
Richard continues: "The problem is, they’re often wrong. Tens of thousands of companies are given so-called Thorough Examinations each year under LOLER 98 only. That means they only cover the lifting parts of a truck.
"And the really dangerous part is, most of the managers don’t know it. They think the whole truck has been checked, when it hasn’t. So those checks are never done.

"That leaves them terribly exposed – not just to prosecution under PUWER 98 rules, but to something far worse – the risk that they, or a colleague, could become one of the many UK workers who are hospitalised or killed by a fork lift truck every day."

The CFTS Thorough Examination under LOLER also includes the safety inspection required by PUWER to ensure comprehensive coverage.
Richard continues: "If you are a fork lift manager you urgently need to check your Thorough Examination documents – to look for the CFTS logo. Without that, it’s difficult to know for sure whether you are fully covered.

"It’s a pretty important message to get across, so we thought we’d take an eye-catching approach to grab people’s attention."

To watch the video and to find out more about what a thorough Thorough Examination should cover, visit www.thoroughexamination.org today.

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