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Hand-held remote control unit for Verlinde hoists and overhead cranes

The Verlinde Digimote radio transmitter is the ideal partner for Verlinde’s range of hoists and overhead crane components. While it is effective on all production lines, its performance is particularly noticeable at work stations where components or sub-units are assembled. Indeed, the mere fact of using one hand only for controlling an overhead crane, jib crane or hoist enables the operator to use their free hand for precision guidance of the load. Familiarization with Digimote is greatly facilitated by its ergonomic shape and its size (220x53x45 mm). User convenience is further enhanced by a protective hand grip in silicon and its weight of only 280g (without battery).

The thumb-controlled, easy-to-manipulate joystick controls all trolley direction movement, suspension crane travel or powered jib crane slewing. Two buttons under the joystick manoeuvre the load up and down. Lastly, the third important feature of the radio transmitter is its particularly innovative multifunction switch. The detachable button in the middle of the selector switch acts as a key to enable the operator to disable the transmitter. Once the button is inserted and pressed down, the hoist unit can start and activation of the hooter is also available (the hooter is an optional feature on hoists). The five-position rotational switch enables selection of trolleys in the case of twinned hoists on the same suspension crane, the zone lighting function together with the ESP swing correction system (options).

The Verlinde Digimote radio transmitter, designed to be used inside buildings at a temperature of between 20° and 70°C, is fitted with two 3.7 V/ 1130mAh Li Ion batteries ensuring 16 hr of operation with a 50% duty cycle. Finally, it meets the IP65 (NEMA4) protection standard ensuring serviceability in any industrial environment.

Transmission and reception are integral functions of radio control systems. Transmission and reception, integral functions of radio control systems, operate within the 400 465 MHz VHF and 800 930 MHz UHF frequency bands and for added safety the antennae are integrated in the hand held units.

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