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HBS Group looks to increase efficiency by 25% with Access Delta

HBS Group is to implement Access Delta, the warehouse management system from the Access Group, to improve accuracy, productivity and accountability within the business. The £8m turnover company, which serves the school and education sectors, employs 40 staff and operates from Watford, London and a 15,000 sq ft warehouse in Essex.

Tim Doouss, Managing Partner for HBS Group, commented, "We wanted greater control over our warehouse with the aim of improving picking accuracy. Access Delta will help us to achieve this and increase efficiency by 25%; it will support us in taking the business forward and improving the customer’s experience."

The 40-year-old company is set to automate many of its manual processes to reduce human error. "If an operative doesn’t make stock adjustments or they part pick and don’t update the system, we can end up incorrectly invoicing the customer. This means we have to raise credit notes, which we want to eliminate as much as possible," said Tim.

"The new system will also enable us to introduce zonal picking, and make the pick process as efficient as possible. This will cut down on unnecessary movements between picks and make the whole process faster and more accurate."

HBS Group will maintain its strong core team of operatives, supplementing with additional temporary labour to help them during busy periods. "When we bring in extra staff it will be quicker and easier for them to work effectively with minimal knowledge of our business; at the moment they can initially be as much as 10 times less efficient than our core team but with Access Delta that will change. With the new system in place, we’re expecting to see a return on investment within 12 months."

Having used Access’ finance solution, Dimensions for quite some time, it made sense to choose Access Delta for seamless integration between the back office and warehouse management systems. "We felt the product was robust and comprehensive. Access Delta has a great deal of functionality built in, making it future proof. Having a solution from one provider also improves accountability because you’re dealing with a single supplier. The fact that we already work with Access is an added benefit" concluded Tim.

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