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HCS trials new Hyster Empty Container Handler in Port of Hamburg

HCS trials new Hyster® Empty Container Handler in Port of Hamburg 

The latest Hyster Empty Container Handler, capable of double handling up to 9 high, has been introduced at HCS, a specialist in the repair and stock holding of empty containers based in the Port of Hamburg, Germany.

HCS Hamburger Container Service GmbH (HCS) has almost 40 years of expertise in the field of empty container repair and depot operations. For more than half of that time, the company has been using Hyster® container handling trucks. The new H11XM-ECD9 will join a fleet of empty container handlers alongside six other Hyster® trucks.

The company’s current depot spans a 120,000m2 site in the Port of Hamburg which incorporates private rail and barge connections, an environmentally friendly cleaning area and 10 container repair areas. During the trial phase, the new Hyster® Empty Container Handler will be used for transporting containers to the repair shop, checking station, cleaning area, and storage depot. It will also be loading and unloading lorries.

Increased productivity with double reefer handling

The H11XM-ECD9 offers power and speed, lifting up to 11-tonnes and enabling efficient double handling for any type of container. It features the same Cummins Stage IV QSB 6.7 engine as in previous models, but the mast has been redesigned to accommodate heavier weights and offset loads. This provides better performance, durability and increased service life.

“The new truck combines all the benefits of previous models, but with helpful additions, such as the ability to transport two 40ft reefers with the cooling unit on the same side,” says Dr. Roland Karnbach, General Manager of HCS, explaining that this causes a significant offset load.

“We will no longer need to handle refrigerated units one at a time, so this will save a lot of time in our daily handling operations of reefers and help us to bring down the handling cost per box,” he continues.

Efficiency, uptime and dependability

Other H11XM-ECD9 features include innovative on-demand cooling and different performance modes to suit the needs of the operation and to minimise fuel consumption. An on-demand, load-sensing, hydraulic system reduces running costs, while with lower general component wear, the truck benefits from a minimum 500+ hour service interval. “Hyster® Empty Container Handlers have always offered us dependability and durability,” says Dr. Karnbach.

HCS has a long tradition in joint development and testing of Empty Container Handlers together with Hyster® and is happy to be part of the trialling of the new model. Besides the technical aspects, the low total cost of ownership is a key advantage of the new model confirms Dr. Karnbach.

“Thanks to a strong partnership both with Hyster and our local dealer Norgatec, we also receive the service support and uptime that allows us to offer fast, reliable and affordable solutions to our customers,” continues Dr. Karnbach.

Positive operator feedback

The truck design also offers good manoeuvrability, even in the narrow driveways at the HCS depot where space is at a premium, with superb control approaching loads due to the hydrodynamic transmission by ZF. Operation is also very quiet, increasing driver comfort.

“Our experienced drivers who are involved in the trialling have had a very positive experience with the new Hyster® truck,” says Dr. Karnbach. “They like the ergonomics in the cab and with the new mast design, the visibility is very good in all directions.”

“Container handling companies are always under pressure to increase efficiency and reduce the cost per container move,” explains Arndt Reibold, Big Trucks Territory Manager for Hyster Europe. “Single or double handling of any type of container can be done with ease, so the new Hyster® Empty Container Handler will help support optimal productivity at HCS.”

The new Hyster® Empty Container Handler series includes nine models, including 4 single handlers up to 8 high, and 5 double handlers up to 9 high.
For more information, contact your local Hyster® dealer or visit www.hyster.eu.

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