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Heathbrook unveil new brand positioning illustrating their unique approach to uniform management

If clothes can make you feel a million dollars, consider how your workforce feel when wearing your uniform.

Long-running supplier of uniform and safety wear, HeathBrook, have recently adopted a new look – so they can better communicate their unique approach to uniform management.

Established in 1999, HeathBrook are a family-run business with 20 years’ experience in the supply and management of both uniforms and safety wear to a variety of sectors, including some of the UK’s largest airports and airlines.

In recent years, HeathBrook identified a real change in perception among customers regarding what’s important to them. Surprisingly it’s no longer just about good customer service and competitive costs. The brands that they are working with understand the importance of team morale and employee loyalty.

“Staff uniforms and safety equipment play an often-overlooked role” says Andrew Greenfield, Managing Director at HeathBrook.

“The companies that have come to understand their importance are interested in the comfort and wellbeing of their workforce.

“They believe that their teams should feel a sense of pride when they are getting ready for work. The uniform may only be a small piece of employee engagement, but HeathBrook understands that it’s often the small things that can make a difference.”

HeathBrook work with customers to uncover cost savings, which can then be re-invested to improve employee satisfaction levels. It’s a process that requires an expert understanding of the global clothing supplier network, but these efforts result in happier and more engaged employees – and cost savings through increased productivity and reduced churn.

A well-known UK overnight-parcel delivery operator engaged HeathBrook to conduct their Workwear Consultation. This process included an appraisal not only of the garments and equipment used, but also how uniforms were managed and issued. An annual spend of nearly half a million pounds was reduced by 25% through this process.

Following this piece of work and the necessity of a re-brand, the savings are being re-invested in a brand-new uniform, with enhanced features, which are totally aligned to the new brand and corporate image. This process along with other employee engagement initiatives, is on target to deliver a further 30% reduction in the employee churn.

How the HeathBrook approach enables them to stand out

Some time ago, HeathBrook decided that they wanted to be more than just a uniform provider. There was a real desire to work with organisations who value their employees, so that uniform management could become integral to the employee engagement strategy. Through unique uniform management audit analysis, higher quality clothing can be balanced against cost savings, which leaves both employer and employee happy. The company has refreshed its brand for 2019, and as part of its new communication strategy has more clearly positioned its service as an important employee engagement tool:

– Interpreting your brand – With years of experience under their belt, HeathBrook understand the importance of brand consistency and have the expertise needed to interpret a company’s brand values. Having worked with many companies during rebranding projects, HeathBrook fully understand the deadlines and challenges businesses face and the importance of having employees who fully engage with a new corporate look and feel.

– You wear the trousers, we make them more comfortable – HeathBrook is up-to-date and moving with the times but hasn’t forgotten that good old-fashioned customer service is always a pre-requisite. The importance they are placing on employee engagement and re-investment in quality, along with their new corporate identity and website, can only build on these values.

With a new digital strategy to help promote this new messaging, Heathbrook are certainly one to watch for 2019. Visit http://www.hbcw.co.uk/ for further information.

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