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Heavy duty model added to Mitsubishi platform power pallet series

Having proved the performance and resilience of its PREMIA power pallet truck family through several pedestrian and platform models, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has now added a heavy duty, fixed platform version to its line-up.

The 2.5 tonne PBF25N2, which joins the PREMIA EM series of platform power pallets, is designed to cope with the most demanding conditions of all. It is built for non-stop, intensive use, carrying heavier loads over longer distances and at higher speeds.

Mike Jones, general manager of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK explains: "As in all of our PREMIA trucks, its vital components are enclosed and protected against water, dirt, damage and wear.

"This new, heavy-duty model takes this even further by adding extra shielding and protection for the most important component of all: the operator.

"This truck’s fully integrated fixed platform features an ergonomic new side-stance operating position which reduces operator strain by optimising the excellent forward and rear vision with minimal upper body and neck movement."

The built-in protective side walls, back rest and high-grip mat ensure a safe and comfortable work environment.

Mike continues: "Unusually, tiller arm control has been replaced by a Formula-1-style Maxius steering wheel. Its unique offset positioning allow the operator to have equal forward and revers vision without placing strain on his neck. Its highly ergonomic design brings all of the levers and buttons within the driver’s easy reach, allowing for single-handed steering and speed control with either hand."

Advanced electric steering, linked to the drive control system, ensures precision and responsiveness at all speeds. With a chassis just 720 mm wide, the PBF25N2 is compact enough for situations such as loading and unloading of lorries.

A high-performance AC drive system generates rapid acceleration to a top speed of 12 km/h. Standard control features include automatic speed reduction in curves, progressive steering and load-dependent variable speed limits. Keyless PIN code access matches performance parameters to each individual operator but provides a common security code for use in emergencies.

Instant adaptation to tasks and conditions is possible thanks to a unique two-position performance mode switch. Mike explains: "Operators may wish to select the safety/economy mode when manoeuvring in very small spaces, or when handling delicate loads, and then revert to high-productivity mode when greater speed is required."

The truck’s durable, sealed, low-maintenance systems include an oil-filled, shock-resistant transmission and a fully floating drive unit, which reduce vibration and provide a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride.

In addition to the two load wheels and the central drive wheel, there are two linked castor wheels to maximise stability and prevent wheel damage on ramps. The forks are robust and agile, for easy pallet entry, and a total lift height of 220mm as standard allows for stillage and cage handling and avoids grounding problems even on steep inclines or with damaged pallets.

The closed battery compartment is designed to prevent impact damage and to accommodate 375 Ah or – for longer shifts – 500 Ah batteries. A BDI and an hour meter are among the features of a multifunctional display which keeps operators and service engineers fully informed.

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