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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics implements Kewill Customs solution for ease of customs compliance

Kewill Customs, from Kewill LSE KWL, a leading provider of solutions that simplify global trade and logistics, to ensure compliance with the compulsory electronic export procedures that have just come into force.

The new measures mean that customs authorities have stopped accepting Single Administration Documents (SAD) (which are required by customs for the declaration of imports from, and exports to non-EU countries, and goods transiting the EU), in paper format, and that the Automated Export System (AES) is now mandatory.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been working with its long-standing solutions provider Kewill, to integrate the AES components into its Zabis solution supplied by Kewill, to ensure it was ready for the new measures.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics’ Customs and Compliance Manager, Hans Peter Grage, said, "By reacting so promptly to the announcement that AES would become mandatory, we’ve had ample time to deal with any potential teething problems that new systems sometimes experience. We were already experienced in implementing new components, so we didn’t have any problems integrating electronic export declarations into our processes."

The Kewill system features standardised interfaces, which means data only needs to be input once. Grage continued, "In addition, the electronic system clearly defines all processes. A preliminary check can correct many data input errors. This means that the speed at which applications can be submitted is unbeatable. Moreover, unlike with paper submissions, there is no risk that electronic declarations can be misplaced by customs officials. While it’s true that the process is now less personal, the fact that employees no longer have to travel to the customs authorities also means they have more time to focus on other tasks."

The AES regulations are part of the European Committees plans to achieve a paperless customs clearance process throughout Europe. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has already rolled out a training programme for several hundred of its employees across 17 of its offices in Germany on the new system, using its academy in Osnabrück. Grage continues, "Employees attend a one-day training session on the new tool. This gives them enough time to pick up everything they need to know – after all, all the data required by the electronic version is the same as for the old system."

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is one of the few organisations which is well prepared for the introduction of the AES, and also plans to provide a service to other businesses. Any exporters that have not installed their own customs software and do not want to resort to using the forms on the customs website can submit their declarations via the Hellmann system.

Evan Puzey, Chief Marketing Officer at Kewill, said, "With moves to facilitate global commerce, customs requirements were expected to reduce. However, with a greater focus on security, customs bodies have actually taken on new responsibilities. New legislation is transforming the customs landscape from one of simple and periodic declarations, towards a transaction by transaction approach for every single shipment. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics have ensured that they are in excellent position to be able to respond to this evolving scene, maintaining a competitive edge."

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