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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics opens ModelLogistics Center to customers

On 28th February, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics opened up the doors of its Model-Logistics Center (MLC) to customers, to strengthen customer loyalty and create a unified understanding of logistics processes.

The opening, which has been in the pipeline since March 2010, aims to show customers how the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) works within Hellmann. The MLC will provide two-day training sessions, consisting of matching theory and simulation sequences to help customers’ understanding of the processes and prove how important performance levels are to Hellmann.

During the training, participants have eight minutes to unload, handle and correctly re-load 80 packages. The aim of the session is to gradually reduce and eliminate any errors so that processes flow smoothly from start to finish. At the end of the two days, the participants’ data knowledge and the flow of goods will have improved.

Bärbel Krehenbrink, Head of Human Resources Development at Hellmann, said:
"By allowing employees to gain experience with process optimisation, transferable skills that can be applied to their every day roles are learnt. This can now also benefit our customers if they register themselves. Until now, customer MLC was only available through guided tours, but due to the amount of interest and enthusiasm, we decided to conduct the training with interested customers as well as employees."

Matthew Marriott, Commercial Director of Hellmann UK, said:
"We place a lot of importance on continually improving process efficiencies and, by getting our customers involved, not only are we teaching them what exactly is involved in our day-to-day work but we’re showing them how important it is to Hellmann to get the job done properly, in a cost and time effective manner, without ever compromising on quality or service levels."

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