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Help Save the Planet 5 Unique Ways to Recycle

Help Save the Planet: 5 Unique Ways to Recycle

Going green is a big concern for many people these days. There’s a growing focus on more eco-friendly practices for homes and businesses alike. For example, you might see more renewable products available in most stores.

With the greener trends, a lot of people want to get in on it and do their part for the environment. Naturally, there’s plenty anyone can do to reduce the amount they throw away. Try these convenient recycling ideas to help cut down on waste. Remember, it’s good for the environment, but it’s good for you too.

Image by Jan Vasek

1. Recycle your electronics – With the pace of modern technology, most people tend to upgrade to the latest gadgets every few years or so. Even if you’re the type to hold on to your phones and such for a while, the batteries eventually wear down, forcing you to buy a new one. Instead of throwing your electronics away, try looking for ways to recycle them, especially in ways that can benefit your local community. For example, you can offer your used gadgets to local repair shops or hobbyists to tinker with and use for spare parts. You can also get in touch with the manufacturer; some manufacturers offer programs where you can trade your old gadgets for new ones.

2. Buy recycled – In essence, recycling creates a closed cycle. Ideally, the same materials move through the system without introducing new materials from outside. One good way of supporting the cycle is by prioritizing recycled products. It’s possible to find items made from recycled products (e.g. recycled pallets in Toronto) that work just as well as regular items. Look for the right signs on the packaging to find out which products are recycled and help the loop as much as possible.

3. Reuse everything – Recycling involves more than buying recycled products. When you buy things, have an eye for how you can find new uses for everything. When buying something packaged, expect to use the packaging for storing your own things. For example, paper bags can do a good job holding sandwiches and other snacks.

4. Recycle your water – For many homeowners, there are lots of tricks you can use to make your utilities serve the cause of recycling. One way is to reconfigure your water pipes to save water. For example, you can rearrange your pipes to use waste water from the sink and bath to flush your toilets and water the plants. It can be a significant investment, but it can be a great way to save a little extra on your water bills. However, reusing your water can be as simple as using rainwater to water your garden.

Photo by ML Santander

5. Get crafty – If you have an artist in the family, recycling can be a way to encourage their artistic talents. Encourage your children to take waste products (like paper tubes and rubber bands) and turn them into fun art projects. You can also work with any art teachers in the neighbourhood by encouraging them to promote making art out of recyclable materials. If you’re good with your hands, you can also try some DIY projects to make something new out of your leftovers. For example, if you’ve got any wood left over (e.g. from wood pallets), you can turn those into useful furniture and knick knacks around the house. Think of it as a way to put your own unique mark on the house with one-of-a-kind projects you made yourself.

For many people, recycling presents a way to help cut down on costs. However, using extensive recycling methods can be a big investment. There are suppliers like BaleForce Recycling Equipment to supply you with equipment to help you take your recycling to the next level.


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