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Hermes optimizes its Marketing Processes with BrandMaker

BrandMaker GmbH, Europe’s leading supplier of Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems, has gained a new customer in Hermes, the international retail and logistics service provider. 12 specialist enterprises operate under the Hermes brand, providing high-demand worldwide services throughout the added-value chain in the retail industry. To optimize the efficiency of its marketing processes and centralize its media asset management, Hermes uses the BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud – and in particular the Marketing Planner and Media Pool modules. With their help, the company is increasing the efficiency of its marketing planning, avoiding duplications and reducing its agency and research costs for managing and supplying images and other media. BrandMaker also helps Hermes to increase its level of brand consistency and shorten its time-to-market.

"The BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud helps us to use our resources more efficiently," says Martin Kreiter, Division Manager of Group Marketing at Hermes Europe GmbH, "We strive for more transparency in our marketing processes, and this allows us to better structure and optimize them. We were also really impressed by the structure of the BrandMaker solution, which makes it very simple for us to integrate additional Marketing Efficiency Cloud modules in the future. Thus, we can be sure that our investment is future-proof." Mirko Holzer, CEO of BrandMaker, adds: "We are absolutely delighted that Hermes has become another internationally successful retail and logistics service provider to use our solutions for optimizing its marketing processes."

Hermes Group Marketing is responsible for central brand management and marketing management for the 12 Hermes enterprises worldwide. From now on, staff can use the BrandMaker Marketing Planner to design and assess all of their campaigns centrally, both online and offline. All activities are displayed simply and clearly, and users can see at a glance which campaigns are taking place, with which content and through which media. Furthermore, the trade and logistics service provider can use the Marketing Planner to assess the budgets and performances of its campaign in any dimensions, based on, for instance, locations, products, advertising mediums or campaigns.

Previously, all of the assets in the creative process at the Hermes Group were managed centrally and were sometimes outsourced to agencies. The BrandMaker Media Pool now makes all of the media assets available in one system. As the central media database, it enables the assets to be consolidated, converted and distributed while also simplifying approval processes and license management. With the Marketing Efficiency Cloud from BrandMaker, every marketing representative at Hermes can now work in one single web-based system that provides them with constant access to the same consistent and centrally available data.

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