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HI LO expands its sentry range with corner gaurds

Warehouse managers will now be able shield both trucks and vulnerable corners from impact with the new Corner Sentry from HiLo, a leading manufacturer of racking and shelving systems. Manufactured from plastic materials, the highly visible, bright yellow, moulded corner guards can be attached to any corner exposed to heavy traffic and thus form a protective shield that absorbs and protects both the corner and the vehicle.

Corner Sentry, will drastically reduces the damages caused by fork truck impact on corners. These damages can easily undermine the structural integrity of pillars leading to health & safety issues and expensive repairs. Typical corner protectors are fashioned from steel and painted; these rigid devices do not absorb energy; they merely transfer all the energy. Corner Sentry, on the other hand, by its plasticity, dissipates energy., thus protection buildings, vehicles and operators.

Tapered to provide protection, whilst keeping a low profile, Corner Sentry is quickly and easily installed in a matter of minutes using mechanical fasteners or, in the case of square posts or concrete columns, using specifically designed nylon straps. Corner Sentry will not rust, or decay, and will not need to be painted; thus, maintenance costs are minimal.

HiLo also markets Rack Sentry and Column Sentry, semi-flexible, moulded plastic guards that are quickly and easily attached to racking or columns in seconds to form a protective bumper that minimises the force of fork truck collision that can damage racking frames, structural columns, vehicles and operators.

Rack Sentry drastically reduces the power of fork truck impact that can easily damage the structural integrity of racks and floors whilst Column Sentry has twenty-four angled pockets located around its circumference to help deflect impact energy away from the column flanges to eliminate sideslip when hit from any angle.

A warehouse is one of the largest investments a company can make. Inevitably, forklift trucks and other industrial equipment damage racking and building columns, which can lead to accidents and expensive repairs. Rack Sentry, Column Sentry and Corner Sentry provide a one time ¡§insurance¡¨ investment that costs a fraction of rack, building column, floor or inventory repair or replacement. Ends

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