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Hi-tech solution for new working time regulations

Aeromark the leading telematics developer has just launched its latest version of Aerotrack, the telematics solution. Aerotrack 2005 provides real-time visibility of vehicles for a low monthly fixed cost and amongst its many features includes an easy-to-use method of capturing working hours data from vehicles.

This month sees the UK and other European member states implementing the new working time regulations into their national legislation. They apply not only to those who drive for a living, they also involve all employers and, from a driving perspective those whose employees drive any vehicle as a part of their work.

Amongst the new rules companies will be required by law to restrict working time to an average of 48 hours per week and drivers will be required to take a break after six hours of working. Businesses will be required to show reasonable compliance with the regulations.

Aeromark has for the last 10 years been developing telematics systems which control and monitor remote assets and vehicles. The latest version of Aerotrack helps companies measure the working hours, productivity, and true cost of their mobile workforce through on-board computers providing real-time visibility of fleets via mobile communications networks and the internet.

From a working time perspective, Aerotrack automatically captures the first start of the day and last finish of the evening. The driver simply operates a switch to differentiate periods of rest from periods of availability. An operator has the facility to be kept constantly aware of the accumulated hours. The system also calculates driving time, the total working day and the total for the week.

Aeromark’s award-winning telematics systems allow businesses to gather quite specific data to ensure safe, economical and effective use of their field-based operations. As a result, the benefits of using telematics are quite outstanding: “Apart from reduced paperwork and administration costs, the ability to know where your vehicles and people are at any given time, and the improved customer service this delivers, it’s not uncommon to find a company spending £30 per vehicle per month with us to realise cost-savings of over £100,” says Roger Marks, Aeromark’s managing director.

As a full-service telecommunications company, Aeromark is helping a huge range of field-based staff such as sales-forces, service engineers and HGV drivers throughout the UK to communicate with their offices and customers.

“Our products range from standard mobile phones and hand-held computers right the way through to sophisticated on-board black box-type vehicle tracking systems for monitoring vehicle movements,” adds Marks. “What sets us apart is that we don’t just sell mobile phone services or telematics systems and leave you wondering what you’ve just invested in. Each company is different and has individual requirements and we have a great deal of experience in advising customers on what type of mobile phone tariff or tracking system will work best for them and we make sure that the service we provide is helpful, reliable and relevant to their needs.”

The company won a Department of Trade and Industry Smart Award for Innovation in 2003 with a substantial grant from the DTI to help finance research and development of its new portable asset tracking equipment, which along with a ten year internal investment program has allowed the business to create affordable and flexible systems which give its customers the edge over their competitors whilst being able to monitor compliance with legislation. Full details can be found at www.aeromark.co.uk.

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