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Hiab's revolutionary HiVision(TM) tested by 3,000 visitors at Bauma

Hiab’s revolutionary HiVision(TM) tested by 3,000 visitors at Bauma

Hiab, part of Cargotec, introduced earlier this month a new vision system, which moves crane operation to the safety and comfort of the truck cabin. It was showcased for the first time at Bauma Exhibition in Munich, Germany.

“HiVision(TM) has had a tremendous welcome through our customers,” tells Jon Lopez, Vice President, Forestry Cranes. “We were sure during the project phase that HiVision(TM) will shape the future of load handling, but also expected some time for the adaptation of this totally new and revolutionary technology. However, customers have shown a huge interest, and already inquired when we will start to commercialise the concept. They realised how HiVision(TM) can increase and improve the safety, comfort and performance of their work.”

Hiab brought HiVision(TM) with Oculus glasses and crane simulator to Bauma, which was held in Munich, Germany on 11-17 April, to gain more feedback on the operator experience. Approximately 3,000 visitors tested the system and the response was overwhelmingly positive: as the newcomers were amazed by the modern system, the experienced operators recognised the benefit of not having to climb back and forth to the cabins several times each day.

“I think is important to remark how eager our customers are to accept new technologies and innovations. Sometimes we as engineers focus too much in technical issues that improve performance of the crane as a machine. HiVision(TM) is making our customers’ lives better and easier, and I guess that’s why it has been so warmly welcomed,” concludes Rafal Sornek, Vice President, Technology and Quality Development.

You can experience HiVision(TM) next at the KWF Exhibition in Roding, Germany on 9-12 June. After that, HiVision(TM) travels to Forexpo in Bordeaux, France, which takes place 15-17 June.

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