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High density storage and retrieval from Kardex

Highly optimised new generation Shuttle XP system maximises parts storage density and access flexibility with minimum storage footprint

Materials handling specialist Kardex has produced the latest generation of its advanced, flexible automated storage and retrieval system. The Kardex Shuttle XP is a vertical lift-based storage solution designed to minimise floor space, speed picking, and provide added security and safety for the user. The new generation system is capable of carrying a payload of up to 60 tonnes and can rotate trays at up to 2.2 metres per second.

Unlike conventional storage systems, the innovative computer controlled unit can detect the height of items placed within and automatically allocate storage space to maximise internal capacity. Operating on the principle of 'goods-to-man' the system minimises picking time and gives the operator excellent stock control.
“The Kardex Shuttle XP is highly compact and makes use of the vertical space to store and retrieve vast quantities of articles. Kardex systems are very efficient and this means that users benefit from higher productivity levels and substantially lower costs. The return on investment is usually seen within just 6-18 months” explains Kardex marketing manager Hugh Dixon.

The Shuttle XP speeds workflow and enables users to benefit from a lower storage footprint, creating more usable space in the warehouse. By combining and indexing all stock into one high density Shuttle XP unit, high security is achieved, minimising stock losses and enabling companies to regularly exceed 99 percent inventory accuracy. Safety is enhanced by 'light barrier' doors which protect the operator from the shutter door and eliminate noise.

Flexible enough to be built through different floors in the same building the Shuttle XP can even be expanded to the Shuttle XPlus enabling up to four shuttle units side-by-side to function as one. This allows the operator to access any stored item from a storage area 20 metres high by 6 metres wide from just one access point.

The unit is capable of protecting delicate items and can store even the most irregular or awkward sized articles. Shuttle XP units can be fully customised and are available in a variety of finishes and dimensions to suit any application.

Shuttle XP customers benefit from a comprehensive range of additional services from Kardex, including analysis of their storage requirements, assistance with equipment selection, configuration and integration. Flexible support contracts ensure that Kardex systems continue to operate at maximum efficiency and they can be adapted and upgraded to suit future needs.

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