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High-Lifting Giraffe Breaks New Ground

For Beverage Sector Automation
Elettric 80 showcases revolutionary LGV technology at BRAU. 14 November, 2007 – Elettric 80, a global provider of end-of-line automation solutions, will be showcasing its latest end-of-line LGV Storage & Retrieval System (LGV SRS) technology at this year's BRAU show. For more than 25 years, Elettric 80 has been supplying the industrial automation sector with breakthrough technologies that have changed the landscape of warehouse automation and this year is no different.

At the show, Elettric 80 will have on-stand the Giraffe LGV, the latest addition to its LGV family. The Giraffe has a reach capability of 9 metres
and a maximum pallet weight of 1,200 kg and is able to work alongside manual fork lift trucks in a rack storage environment to ultimately improve safety, increase flexibility and reduce storage handling costs on-site. The Giraffe can be programmed to manoeuvre in a 3 metre wide corridor and due to its small footprint can replace existing manual fork lift vehicles in a facility
without the need to change the racking environment. The Giraffe complements Elettric 80's existing technology, such as multi pallet handling LGVs for block stacking, which are proven and being used by some of the biggest brands in the sector including Carlsberg, Foster's, Damm and Miller.

Elettric 80's LGV-based SRS combines storage, warehouse management and transportation capabilities and can handle block stacking of up to four pallets high, gravity racking, single deep racking and drive-in pallet racking. Solutions are installed quickly and with minimal disruption to
production; in fact Elettric 80 implementations are often conducted while production is still running. The LGV systems that Elettric 80 deploys are tightly integrated with the process lines and the palletising needs of the customer.

Elettric 80 has developed its own Warehouse Management System (WMS) which works alongside and integrates with any existing WMS or Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) system. This means that the existing WMS requires minimal change and any additional WMS functionality required for the automation process can be easily integrated with the help of Elettric 80's software.

Elettric 80's WMS software design incorporates product location, quantity, size, and order information to determine where to stock, where to pick, and in what sequence to perform these operations. As Elettric 80 has an in-depth knowledge of the beverage sector, the standard WMS software modules are tailored to a specific requirement and can be intelligently programmed
to cope with seasonal variations or cycles within a warehouse or production

For more information contact:
Elettric 80

About Elettric 80 – www.elettric80.com Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Viano, Italy, Elettric 80 is a global provider of end-of-line automation solutions which increase operational
profitability and efficiency – put simply our technology helps companies cut cost and move product out of the warehouse in a fast and effective manner. Due to years of experience, we understand the storage handling challenges faced by many companies and have subsequently developed a systematic approach which is proven and underpinned by continuous investment in research and development.

Above all we value our partner approach and are committed to maintaining a track record of supplying solutions which are flexible, durable and provide a long term return on investment. Our proposition is based on FreewayR – an innovative and unique approach to end of line logistics which provides our clients with a clear competitive edge.

FreewayR is a highly flexible material handling system which utilizes palletizing robots, Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), high speed wrappers (Silkworm) and pallet control systems (Woodpecker). The entire process is managed centrally by a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS). During all phases of the implementation process an experienced team is at hand to assist and advise on the deployment of the solution, from the initial concept and planning through simulations and development to after sales support.

Elettric 80 has subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden,
Australia and Poland, and is therefore able to offer customers local design
and service expertise coupled with international insight.

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