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High performance Helios progressing cavity pump from NOV Mono for Bulmers Hereford Cider Mill

Bulmers, the world’s largest cider maker, has installed a high performance Helios progressing cavity pump from NOV Mono to improve the efficiency of its cider making process at its Hereford Cider Mill.

Bulmers was experiencing problems at its plant when an existing pump was not only failing to deliver at very low temperatures, but was also proving slow in warm conditions due to the pressure generated in the pipework. The existing pump was taking four hours to unload concentrate from the tanker and created unnecessary waste as it was not able to completely empty the tank.

To provide a solution, a Mono Helios pump was installed at the plant to offload the concentrated apple juice, which is used to make the cider, at a capacity of 12m3/h and a pressure of 9.5 bar, which gives an improved and quicker flow rate. This progressing cavity pump design is self-priming, has excellent suction capabilities, can handle high viscosities and solids in suspension, and the non-pulsating flow is unaffected by system pressure changes.

John Williams, Cider Production Manager at Bulmers, commented: "We specified Mono because we know they are reliable, we have used them for many years in other applications and are happy with the service they provide. Our latest addition is no exception, the Mono Helios pump has been running perfectly since it was installed.

"The Helios pump has more than met our performance criteria and is able to offload the tanker in less than two hours, avoiding any demurrage charges. It handles the cold, high viscosity apple juice very well and is quiet in operation with very little vibration."

The Helios range of hygienic progressing cavity pumps feature a compact design with a one piece suction chamber that is easily cleaned and has no areas where product can collect, eliminating the risk of contamination. The pump can also be dismantled without removing the drive, which makes inspection and maintenance much easier and reduces the risk of damage to the mechanical seal while working on the pump.

Polished stainless steel is used for all metal parts in contact with the pumped product and reliable operation and reduced downtime is further ensured by the inclusion of a sealed pin joint. Inlet and outlet fittings are threaded as standard to DIN 11851, with alternatives available on request. White stators can also be specified as well as a full range of industry related options, including CIP by pass connection ports.

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