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Hill Engineering show the TEFRA and Titan ranges at Plantworx 2017

Hill Engineering show the TEFRA and Titan ranges at Plantworx 2017

Hill Engineering, a leading attachment manufacturer based in Newry Northern Ireland, is exhibiting once again at Plantworx Construction Exhibition (Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire 6-8 June 2017) and will be showing its new TEFRA Tilt Hitch, the award winning TEFRA Coupler, Hill Titan Buckets and the recently launched Hill Titan Thumb.

The new Hill Titan Thumb adds versatility to your excavator and is suitable for a variety of material handling applications and is ideal for contractors who need a thumb for maximum productivity. The Hill Thumb makes it easier to pick, hold and move a variety of materials including, forest debris such as logs and branches, concrete, rocks and other material that would not fit or stay in the bucket without assistance.

The Hill Titan Thumb and can be manufactured for machines from 3 tonnes up to 20 tonnes and can be made either pin mounted, so it can be rotated from the pin, or as a more basic option can be dipper mounted. The Thumb retracts, when not in use, so the excavator can be used as normal. You can watch the Thumb in action here https://youtu.be/Qae5HeHxqX0

Also on display will be the new TEFRA Tilt Coupler – this versatile attachment takes all the advantages of the award-winning TEFRA coupler but provides the added benefit of increased productivity and versatility in multiple applications. The attachment is available for machines sizes ranging from 3 to 20 tonnes and, like the TEFRA coupler, has been specifically designed to be almost maintenance free. This tilt system allows operators greater flexibility in the way they use their machines and turns each and every attachment into one that can be used at up to 180 degrees.

The heavy-duty motor is self-lubricating and there is no requirement to grease the tilt mechanism. In addition, Hill Engineering have reduced potential wear items so users have peace of mind regarding any wear on pins or bushes.

The new TEFRA Tilt coupler boasts advance technology from German manufacturers HKS. The magic behind Hill’s new attachment is said to be the XtraTilt power actuator to achieve the 180-degree tilt function.

The robust design of the individual components of the XtraTilt, made from high-strength, surface-hardened materials, allows rotation almost without play, even after prolonged operation.

The swivel mechanism of the Power Actuators is based on the coarse-thread principle. The linear movement of the piston, when pressure is applied, is converted by multiple opposing coarse threads on the housing, piston and shaft to achieve a powerful rotary movement. If the hydraulic circuit is closed by the adjusting valve, which at the same time prevents movement of the piston and shaft, the attached coupler will remain in any required working position.
Hill Engineering say that the simple and robust design of the TEFRA Tilt sets this product apart from other suppliers. The TEFRA comes with just three moving parts and has been proven to be the most reliable quick coupler on the market today. Additional to this, the HKS XtraTilt Power Actuator is self-lubricating and essentially maintenance free, so that users are able to concentrate on the important tasks. There can be no damage to tilt cylinders and failure of their connecting parts, such as fastening bolts and bushes, because the Power Actuator has none of these.

The ever-popular award winning fully automatic coupler TEFRA will also be on display at Plantworx. The TEFRA has transformed health and safety on construction sites around the world – and has been significant in Hill’s financial growth and increase in market share. TEFRA has proved itself to be the safest coupler on the market today – with only three moving parts – it has proven to reduce downtime extensively and make customers more productive in their operations.

The safety systems in the TEFRA eliminate one of the most dangerous aspects of handling attachments, which is the risk of attachments coming away completely. Hill Engineering solved this by using a positive locking system rather than a gravity locking system, making the crucial safety feature ‘active’ and not ‘passive’ in the way it works.

Completely manufactured in the UK, the TEFRA components are cast, which means its lower in weight and higher in strength.

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