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Hill Engineering TEFRA Tilt is a strong contender in attachment market

Hill Engineering’s TEFRA Tilt is a strong contender in attachment market

Newry based attachment manufacturer Hill Engineering introduced its TEFRA Tilt In 2014. The TEFRA Tilt is designed for customers who need the full functionality of a Tilt bucket but see the versatility of having the 180-degree tilt function on all of their attachments with a standard pin grabbing system.
Most tilt rotate systems are designed with dedicated attachments, which comes with a high level of investment. Hill Engineering sales and marketing manager Oliver Phelan said, “The TEFRA Tilt represents a very strong middle ground. The product itself has really taken off. We are selling more and more as the months go by. We have seen a 60% growth in sales of the Tilt over the last year and it’s still growing.”

Hill estimates that a Tefra Tilt in comparison to its equivalent in a tilt rotator is approximately 30% of the cost. So, it’s the ideal ‘inbetween’ product where it gives the operator the majority of the functionalities they need but at a fraction of the price.

The Hill TEFRA Tilt hitch was born from the innovation of the TEFRA which was originally brought to market in 2011. This tilt system allows operators greater flexibility in the way they use their machines and turns each and every attachment into one that can be used at up to 180 degrees. Hill engineering have used the award winning TEFRA system as the core of the product and introduced the hugely reliable tilt motor from HKS of Germany to achieve the 180-degree tilt function.

Mr Phelan added, “Operators’ are now demanding more from their machines as they enter into new markets. The quality associated with the Hill and TEFRA brands, coupled with the unrivalled back up services for our clients, means the TEFRA tilt is fast becoming an essential tool in any operators’ kit bag.”

George Burns managing director GBSS Civil and Plant Hire specified a Hill TEFRA Tilt for a recently purchased JCB JS160W wheeled loader he said, “We decided on the Hill TEFRA Tilt as with competitors hitches there are too many parts and on the hydraulic tilting buckets there are too many rams which fail – whereas the TEFRA Tilt has an actuating motor arrangement and no wearing parts – so it’s practically maintenance free. It also has a heavier motor on it. We would definitely order a TEFRA tilt again if the application demanded it.”

Robert Buchanan is a machine operator with GBSS and has been using the JCB JS160W wheeled excavator machine fitted with the Hill Engineering TEFRA Tilt system.

Mr Buchanan said, “This was the first time I had used the tilt – previously I had only used a traditional hitch and bucket. I really am impressed with the TEFRA Tilt – it’s a cracking bit of gear. I can work with better angles with this attachment and it’s a real time-saver and you can get the job done far more quickly. It’s able to pick up standard buckets with ease and is very reliable. I would definitely recommend the TEFRA Tilt to other operators.”


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