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HILO-PSS new satellite system

OUTPERFORMS ALL OTHER HIGH DENSITY STORAGE SYSTEMS. Offering all the advantages of a high-density storage system but with none of the disadvantages, HiLo-PSS Group's new satellite storage and retrieval system is a versatile and highly effective system for reducing handling time and increasing overall productivity. Requiring no special handling equipment, the state-of-the-art Satellite System makes efficient use of an existing forklift truck fleet.

Offering maximum warehouse floor and cube utilisation, the Satellite System is operated remotely via a Radio Frequency (RF) battery operated control system and special channel rails. When positioned in the selected aisle and started by the operator using the RF control, the HiLo-PSS Satellite System stores or retrieves loads in handling sequences as either First-In-First-Out (FIFO) or First-In-Last-Out (FILO) thereby providing automatic stock rotation.

Offering increased access and throughput rates, the Satellite System can work up to 20 hours before it needs recharging. In auto-mode, the System can be left to automatically stack whilst the forklift truck driver continues other operations with other satellites. The satellite has an indicator to show when charging is required, which prevents the unit from running of power whilst in use.

Because of its compact dimensions, the HiLo-PSS Satellite System runs below the pallet and when in auto-mode can trundle pallets from on-load to off-load positions. One RF controller is sufficient to operate up to 360 satellites and indicates when charging is needed.

Easily relocated, HiLo-PSS Satellite System can be transferred from one aisle to another by the forklift truck and then secured using a special locking device, which ensures that it is secured to the forklift when picked up and transported to another aisle.

HiLo-PSS Group's new Satellite System provides improved occupancy rates and ease of management control. The System is a cost effective solution for high-density storage and retrieval cutting handling times in half compared with normal drive-in or drive-through systems. Companies storing perishable goods will particularly welcome the Satellite System, as it will enable fast retrieval and effective stock rotation.

A further innovation from HiLo-PSS Group, the new Satellite System will make maximum use of high density storage racking. One of the major manufacturers of racking and shelving in the UK and the primary manufacturer of quality racking systems in Romania and SE Europe, HiLo-PSS has been manufacturing racking and shelving systems since the early 1960s. Employing a workforce of 65 in the UK and 160 in Romania, the company is renowned for its technical knowledge and high quality products. Its storage equipment, marketed under the brand names Premierack and Shelfplan, is sold throughout the UK and Europe.

HiLo-PSS Ltd
Murdock Road
Dorcan Industrial Estate Swindon, SN3 5HY
Tel: 01793 694071
Eml: sales@planned-storage.co.uk
web: www.planned-storage.co.uk

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