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Hire Association Europe HAE warns against cuts to construction investment

Hire Association Europe (HAE) has written to three new Cabinet Ministers setting out how the hire industry is helping the UK economy to recover and some of the challenges we face.

The hire model provides a low capital and flexible way of accessing goods and services for public and private sectors.

HAE wrote to the Secretaries of State for the Home Office, Business, Innovation & Skills, and Work & Pensions with the following key messages:

While accepting the need to get the public finances in order, brutal cuts to national infrastructure replacement and renewal could further weaken UK competiveness and hit the construction sector – a major partner for the hire industry

Safety is the paramount concern for our industry and continued cooperation with the HSE is crucial to making further progress

Stability in the funding of apprenticeships and other work-related training is needed so employees and employers can make choices

Theft remains a threat to hire businesses – more focused government and law enforcement action is needed to combat this growing pressure from organised and opportunistic crime

Getting a grip on regulation and inconsistent local enforcement remains a big problem for our industry and others

Graham Arundell, HAE Managing Director said "the Coalition Government has a massive job to undertake – we wanted to make sure they were aware of what the hire industry provides as a key enabler of infrastructure and development projects and major events in the UK. Economic recovery will require investment to continue otherwise competitiveness suffers and hire businesses will face further pain."

HAE represents hire businesses across the UK, Ireland and Europe and offers a wide range of services and member benefits.

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