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Hitachi launches ultra-large EX5600-6 and EX2600-6 hydraulic excavators

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) will launch two new ultra-large hydraulic excavators on 1 February 2012. Designed to increase production on large-scale mining projects, the EX5600-6 and EX2600-6 succeed the EX5500-6 and EX2500-6 models.

The launch of the new excavators coincides with an increase in demand for resources on a global scale. HCM is responding to requests from its international mining customers for ultra-large excavators with a greater capacity for excavation and loading.

To increase production, the bucket capacity for both models has been increased: from 29m3 to 34m3 on the EX5600-6 and from 15m3 to 17m3 on the EX2600-6 on the backhoe version; and from 27m3 to 29m3 on the loading shovel version of the EX5600-6. The reach of the front attachment has also been shortened.

High productivity has been achieved – with a cycle time equivalent to the original machines – by boosting the engine output. As an example, the backhoe EX5600-6 uses four rather than five bucket passes to fill a dump truck with a nominal payload of 220 tonnes, significantly increasing production capacity and efficiency by reducing the loading time.

Both new models have the same type of engines as their predecessors, proven for their reliability and durability. The cooling performance of the radiator and oil cooler has been increased to protect the engine and hydraulic devices. In addition, all undercarriage and hydraulic cylinder parts can be replaced with those from the original models.

Like all Hitachi ultra-large excavators, the EX5600-6 and EX2600-6 are both equipped with a spacious working environment that provides excellent visibility for the operator. The cab is fitted with LED lighting, a comfortable air-suspension seat, user-friendly control levers and a large LCD monitor. For easy maintenance, the EX2600-6 has an additional walkway, which enhances access to the machine.

The EX5600-6 and EX2600-6 are both suitable for operating in extreme temperatures, from tropical regions to cold environments and highlands. They can also be supplied with an optional interface for mine management systems, such as Wenco Fleet Management Systems (provided by Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of HCM).

Electrical motor-driven versions of the EX5600-6 and EX2600-6 will also be made available. They are particularly popular in Russia, the CIS countries and China due to the availability of existing power supply facilities and because they offer excellent versatility in comparison to electrical motor-driven mechanical cable-type excavators. These models will also be promoted to companies operating in newly developed mines in North and Latin America because they are more economical to operate using electric power following the recent rise in costs of crude oil.

Greg Smith, Manager Heavy and Mining Equipment for Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV, says: "The two new machines complement the Hitachi EX8000-6, EX3600-6 and EX1900-6 models, which are highly valued by major mining companies for their high levels of productivity, availability and reliability. Total sales of the EX5600-6 and EX2600-6, including both engine types and the electrical motor, are expected to reach 100 machines a year."

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