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Hoists for foundry and other hazardous area operations

The intense heat and dust-laden atmospheres of foundry operations pose no problems for the Profi series air operated hoists manufactured by J D Neuhaus. Their rugged design and manufacture meets the challenges of the most demanding environments without any compromise on performance, reliability or longevity. The absence of electrical or electronic components, and the use of a fully mechanical operation, ensures safe use even in explosive or otherwise hazardous atmospheres.

A total insensitivity to dust and a temperature resistance up to +70°C is combined with 100% duty cycles and the elimination of downtimes for a full 24/7 operation. This impressive range of qualities makes these hoists suitable for the toughest working environments, while also being supported by easy maintenance for maximum production efficiency. All products also incorporate a sensitive, infinitely variable speed control feature for precise load positioning, which has helped ensure the dominance of these hoists within a wide range of demanding and difficult markets.

The Profi range of hoists can be supplied for handling load capacities from 0.25 up to 100 tonnes. Hoists up to 20 tonnes capacity can also be fitted with trolleys for overhead rail mounting. These trolleys can be manual, reel chain or motorised for the traversing function.

These hoists are strong, fast and silent in operation, as well as being compact and lightweight with low headroom requirements. They feature a fail-safe vane motor starting, with lube-free operation, as well as a patented motor-brake system and built-in overload protection on all hoists from one tonne capacity and above.

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