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Hoists with air-powered, non-lube operation suit big bag handling

Twin Profi 2 Ti air-operated hoists from J D Neuhaus have been used to facilitate safe and efficient product discharge from big bag containers. The containers, ranging in size from 500kg to one tonne capacity, are used for the transit, storage and subsequent loading of powdered or granulated materials into processing machines. Individual bags are positioned over collection hoppers using air operated pendant hand controllers, each providing precise height control and positioning over the discharge chutes.

The range of products being handled includes chemical and pharmaceutical materials as well as food additives and ingredients. It was imperative that the hoists offered oil-free operation to avoid any potential contamination of the transported product lines. This is a major feature of the Neuhaus Profi range, which offer lubrication-free operation, together with the capability to withstand dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C.

The Profi range of hoists are available in lift capacities from 250kg up to a full 20 tonnes. They can be equipped with manual or powered trolleys for overhead rail mounting, with powered products being air-operated, suitable for operation within hazardous areas or environments subject to potentially explosive conditions.

For operating areas subject to reduced headroom conditions, specialised BBH (big bag handling) hoists can be supplied from the Neuhaus range. These can be supplied with single load hook and one tonne lift capacity for operation with standard cruciform lift beam designs. With this hoist, the extended distance between the lift hook and chain box ensures there is no collision between big bags or other bulky loads and the chain box. A twin suspension hook version offering two tonne synchronised lifting/lowering facilities, is also available for more complex cruciform lifting or suspension beams fitted with two lifting points.

All J D Neuhaus air-powered handling products are designed to provide high performance combined with efficiency and reliability. They incorporate a patented low maintenance motor-brake system, together with integrated emergency-stop switch and overload protection for load capacities over one tonne. These features, together with Ex ratings for hazardous area operation, form part of their high safety-level attributes.

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