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Hoppecke energy solutions helping materials handling go that extra mile at IMHX 2013

Designing an advanced power source for materials handling equipment isn’t a capability that many suppliers have but what really makes a difference in a warehouse is "energy craftsmanship" – and that’s what Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is showcasing at IMHX 2013.

Hoppecke has long been renowned for its range of trak® air batteries, call forward systems and maintenance services. But Hoppecke’s presence at IMHX 2013 will show the industry how being able to deliver a complete energy solution that meets the unique requirements of a user can help warehouse operations to go that extra mile.

Hoppecke believes that an off-the-shelf energy solution is no longer sufficient in today’s demanding market and IMHX 2013 will highlight the company’s capability to design the best possible energy solution based on expertise, dedication, commitment and craftsmanship.

Visitors will also be able to take part in a special competition which underlines how – in pursuit of power – a warehouse operator should see that, like the human heart, a battery is a power source that must be looked after if it is to deliver optimum performance and length of service. Through some fun exercises, visitors will be shown the importance of combining minimum energy wastage with maximum productivity in a strong and flexible offering.

IMHX 2013 will show why Hoppecke’s genuinely bespoke energy solutions are sustainable and ensure the best possible performance from materials handling equipment – because Hoppecke engineers evaluate every single application and create a solution that is a perfect fit. This can involve intelligent cycling of batteries to ensure they deliver top performance for their full five-year life expectancy. Or it can mean keeping a close eye on the application and taking action if circumstances change.

Also, Hoppecke forges real partnerships with users to encourage them to follow best practice and work in harmony with their supplier to get the maximum possible benefit out of the new energy craftsmanship service – going that extra mile.

Says Hoppecke’s UK Sales and Operations Director David Millett: "We aim to give our customers an energy solution that fits seamlessly with their environment and their operational systems. In today’s demanding marketplace, users need an energy management system that is reliable, flexible, productive and cost-effective. Nothing less will do."

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