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The explosion of portable information devices and the increasing use of wireless technology have prompted more and more companies to connect their frontline workers to complete transactions at the point-of-sale or point-of-service. One example of this is with Route Accounting: beverage companies for instance take advantage of the benefits of route accounting to reduce the time needed to complete a sale, to improve sales force productivity and create more satisfied customers. Examples are Nestle Water, Europe’s leading water cooling company and Grupo Modelo, the eighth largest beer maker in the world and owner of the prestigious Corona Extra brand. Relevant statistical and historic data for each customer is stored on hand-held computers; data is read and updated with each visit and delivery notes or receipts issued. Each route is kept constantly up-to-date with inventory and sales data. Similar systems are currently being used in Nestlé Water and Kraft Foods.

About Extech Data Systems
Extech Data Systems, a division of Extech Instruments, is one of the world’s leading developers of portable printers for enterprise-wide applications centered around mobile information and remote transactions. The company designs, develops and markets portable printer products, and sells its products worldwide through a global network of distributors and marketing partners. Extech printers are high speed, innovative, rugged, reliable, and easy to use. With over 17 years experience developing portable printers, Extech Data Systems has the industry knowledge, design expertise, and technological skills needed to meet customer mobile printing needs.

For further information about Extech Data Systems and its products, please visit www.extech.com or contact:

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