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How Can You Be Sure It’s Really SEMA?

Customers often ask this question. “How do I know that the storage equipment I am buying meets the SEMA standards?”
Newly elected SEMA President, Keith Bibb, says, “The answer to this question is really very simple – check out the SEMA website, www.sema.org.uk”.
SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers' Association, is the UK industry Association for storage products including racking, shelving, mezzanine floors and other forms of storage equipment.

An important part of SEMA's activities is to produce Codes of Practice for the design, installation and use of these products to which Members are required to conform.

The SEMA website lists the Members of SEMA and therefore shows buyers instantly the companies whose products conform to recognised quality and safety standards.

Strong Brand
Keith Bibb continues, “the SEMA brand is a strong one and is recognised all over the world as well as the UK”. End users know that they can rely on SEMA Members and their product offerings to meet exacting industry technical and safety standards which have evolved and stood the test of time.

Codes of Practice
An important part of SEMA's remit is to develop industry Codes of Practice. Accordingly, SEMA has published Codes for the Design, Installation and Use of many types of storage equipment. SEMA Members have to comply with these Codes and products are assessed within the SEMA Quality Scheme to the relevant codes.

Copy Cats?
“The strength of our brand worldwide has naturally spawned a number of copy cat products,” comments the SEMA President. “These come in the form of 'look-alike' products that claim to be 'compliant' and some companies have even falsely used the SEMA Logo purporting to be Members.”

Buyer Beware
In these instances the 'Buyer Beware' mentality has never been greater. A badly designed racking structure, for example, could be disastrous. It may look the same as a Members' product aesthetically, but the load carrying capacity could be significantly reduced due to any number of factors ranging from poor quality raw materials to poor design. The message is most definitely 'Buyer Beware', and don't accept things on face value. SEMA/A2198

Who can use the SEMA Logo?
So who can use the SEMA logo? “Again, very simple,” states Keith Bibb. “Only Members of SEMA can use the SEMA logo. Our website lists the Members and if there is any doubt about whether a company is a Member, simply contact SEMA.”

Total Safety
“Storage equipment these days is about total safety”. Structures need to be designed to industry standards, installed in a safe manner and maintained so that they can continue to be used safely. All three elements are important in the whole 'life cycle'. In our view, gone are the days where responsible users can purchase equipment from unknown and untrusted sources who may not only falsify their warranty claims but also leave the buyer with the aftermath.
Working in consultation with official bodies such as the HSE, SEMA has addressed the various 'life cycle' stages with safety initiatives to remain at the forefront.

For more information please contact SEMA
National Metalforming Centre
47 Birmingham Road
West Bromwich
B70 6PY
Tel: 0121 601 6350
Email: enquiry@sema.org.uk

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