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How Comparison Services can help you find the right Business Energy Supplier

For many businesses, investing time comparing gas and electricity prices doesn’t seem worth the effort. However, overpaying for your gas and electricity can be costly, especially for high energy usage businesses.

Warehouse, storage, and distribution centres rely heavily on gas and electricity to keep their business going. Taking the time to switch to a better energy deal can lead to real savings.

Fortunately, comparing energy prices doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Here, British Business Energy explain the benefits of using an energy comparison site when switching gas and electricity supplier.

Comparing energy prices be simple

One of the major reasons businesses put off comparing energy deals is time. Going from supplier to supplier collecting quotes isn’t going to be the best use of your time. By comparing energy prices online, you can receive a wide range of quotes by answering a few simple questions about your business and your energy usage.

In some cases, you can even compare energy prices by providing just your business address, the energy you’d like to compare, and a few contact details.

You can compare a huge range of suppliers and tariffs

When using an energy comparison service or energy broker, you’ll have access to a much wider range of suppliers than you would when going it alone. This includes the large, established suppliers and smaller, independent suppliers who often offer unique services.

For example, if you’re searching for an environmentally friendly energy deal, you can compare tariffs from suppliers who offer 100% renewable electricity.

The switching process is handled for you

Many energy comparison services will take care of the entire switching process on behalf of your business. Once you’ve chosen the right tariff for you, they will guide you through your switch from start to finish.

This includes getting you set up with your new supplier and informing your current supplier of the switch. They will then arrange the date of your switch with both suppliers and your gas and electricity supply will continue as normal.

You could access better rates

Energy comparison sites invest time in building strong relationships with the energy suppliers they work with. As they deal with suppliers so frequently, they can offer access better rates than a regular customer.

As you can compare prices from wide range of suppliers, you’re also much less likely to miss on potential cheaper deals offered by smaller suppliers.

The importance of switching energy suppliers

Although comparing energy prices is easy to ignore, the cost of failing to switch suppliers can be significant. Under Ofgem rules, energy suppliers are only required to provide microbusinesses with a renewal letter. This means that for any other business, the onus is on them to keep track of their renewal window and renegotiate their energy tariff.

Failing to switch or renegotiate your contract could leave your business on costly out-of-contract rates. This can see your energy prices increase by up to 80% when compared to negotiated rates.

By switching with energy comparison service, you will often receive reminders as your renewal window approaches. This will provide you with the latest energy deals from both new suppliers and your current provider. Your business can then stay on the best available rates and avoid expensive out-of-contract tariffs.

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