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How secure is your site?

Director of OnGarde, Mike Fleck, discusses how to make sure your security investment is worthwhile.

On-site collateral is a serious investment, and insurance premiums will reflect not only the value of your equipment, but also the measures you have taken to secure your site. Surprisingly, many businesses still have weak site security because of omissions in the initial site survey.

Before any security system is delivered to your site, it’s important to check thoroughly with a professional to make sure the system deployed will meet the needs of your company and your site.

A site security survey is also a recommended practice within BS EN 50132. A thorough survey should include a site map and photographs, so if your needs change there is no need to carry out a further survey.

Nine important factors to consider when surveying a site

1. What assets need to be protected?
This should include all plant and machinery, as well as materials, fuel and the site office.

2. What size and shape is the site?
How large is the site and how many boundaries are there? This will help determine the number of cameras required to ensure that the entire property is covered.

3. Where are the weak spots?
What are the potential entry points for a would-be thief and how are they protected? Deterrence is more cost-effective than monitoring intruders, so it’s worth taking time on this one!

4. Are there any potential blind spots?
Are there any areas that are at the rear of buildings, behind large machinery, trees or shrubs or even signs, that can’t be seen in the main camera view?

5. What power supply is available on site?
If a site has mains power then floodlights can be installed as an additional deterrent. However, for sites that don’t have power then alternative options should be considered, such as a Hybrid Power Station or an independent wireless security unit such as the i-Garde system.

6. Is a monitoring system required?
In the event of an incident, will you require a rapid response? Consider an audible warning device that lets intruders know they are being watched. Should the site manager be notified immediately of a security breach? Do you want to use cameras to monitor and record intruders? If so, by law you must have signs to that effect otherwise the evidence cannot be used in court.

7. Does the site also need to be monitored during working hours?
For example, the car park, site entrance or stores may be vulnerable. Consider that you may need to monitor workers as well as potential intruders.

8. Do you need to buy or rent your security solution?
Is your site temporary or permanent? What is your available security budget? Hiring equipment can be a sensible option since the initial outlay is much smaller and monthly payments mean you only pay for the periods you require protection for (for example, during holidays or on a temporary site).

9. Are your security requirements likely to change after a site survey?
If they are, then make sure you receive a copy of the full survey report along with recommendations.

A free site survey from OnGarde can be delivered within 1-3 days of a request, and takes around half an hour to complete. In the event of an incident, a rapid response is provided from an initial audible warning from a fully-approved UK monitoring centre, along with client contact and a review of recorded evidence.

OnGarde’s national presence is underpinned by rental partner ESS Safeforce who work with us to provide our solutions across the mainland UK.

For more information about how to survey and secure your site, visit www.ongardecctv.com. For information on hiring security systems contact info@ongardecctv.com.

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