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How to choose a new hand pallet truck

Toyota introduces new video to help hand pallet truck purchasers to understand the lifetime costs of owning a hand pallet truck.

The video, which is available on YouTube, illustrates the commercial benefits of the BT Lifter hand pallet truck, drawing comparisons with alternative manufacturers throughout its life cycle.

BT Lifter hand pallet trucks from Toyota Material Handling have been found to offer the lowest cost of ownership over the lifetime of the truck. This is due to the quality and serviceability of the trucks.

Mark Peters, Hand Pallet Truck Product Manager Toyota Material Handling UK
said: "We are aware that the initial investment in a BT Lifter hand pallet truck is slightly higher than other makes available on the market but, due to the quality of the components and Toyota Production System build process the products life is increased by up to five times. This reduces potential downtime when replacements are needed."

The BT Lifter LHM230 standard hand pallet truck has a lifetime (99-year) functional guarantee on the fork frame. A specific pump cycle test carried out at the factory in Sweden demonstrates BT Lifters will last up to five times longer than a standard hand pallet truck, supplying customers with a quality guarantee and lower lifetime cost.

He added: "We have found that companies often view a hand pallet truck as being a disposable item and therefore invest less in the short term, often at the expense of reliability and longevity. Our new video demonstrates the benefits of investing more at the beginning in order to save more throughout the life of the truck.

Examples of the BT Lifter range including the LHM230 and other models will be on the Toyota stand (20F70) at IMHX 2013 (19-22 March) which will taking place at Birmingham NEC.

Watch the video on YouTube

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