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How To Keep Temporary Industrial Workers Safe During The Pandemic

How To Keep Temporary Industrial Workers Safe During The Pandemic

The industrial market runs on temporary staff, as they are a cost-effective way to complete large projects.

However, temporary team members are harder to manage, because they’re usually outsourced and they often work for an agency. Even if they are in-house, then it can be a challenge to train them in all of your premises’ procedures quickly.

These challenges are exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic that the world is currently experiencing. You need all of your staff to stay safe, which means putting a lot of policies into place.

Temporary staff can struggle to learn these policies and abide by them, which could put your entire business at risk. Coronavirus outbreaks can cause shutdowns for industrial workplaces, so you need to make sure that your base is safe and takes all necessary precautions.

To help you ensure that your workplace is safe and that your temporary workers don’t cause issues during the pandemic, read on, and we’ll share some practical tips.

Hire Reliable Staff

When choosing temporary team members, it’s easy to pick the first willing candidates that walk through the door. However, this approach could cause serious issues for your workplace during the pandemic. Make sure that you find reliable temporary employees who will respect your company’s policies and work hard to keep everyone safe. If you’ve worked with them before and trust them, then hire them again. For staff that you’ve never worked with before, you should consider using a reliable agency or choose employees with good references.

Keep It Clean

Reece SafetyOne of the most important things you can do to keep all of your team members safe is to keep your industrial premises clean. Hire a professional commercial cleaning firm with experience in industrial cleaning, like Ideal Cleaning. Check out these industrial cleaning services to find the one that suits your workplace and will keep your staff safe during the pandemic and even after it’s over.

Give Everyone Space

Social distancing helps to reduce the spread of the virus, so try to spread your team members’ work stations out. You should also create wider walkways and communal spaces so that they don’t have to get close to each other to pass. By changing the layout of your workspace, you can reduce the chances of an outbreak and show your staff that you are committed to keeping them safe.

Check For Symptoms At The Entrance

Before any temporary team member sets foot on your premises, you should check them for symptoms of the Coronavirus. Many companies are checking temperatures, but this is only effective if it is part of a wider strategy. So, as well as temperatures, you should also create a questionnaire about your team’s general health and any potential exposure to the virus. Any staff that have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has should be told to isolate and sent away immediately.

Create A Contingency Plan

Make sure that you have an emergency plan in case anything happens, and your industrial workplace is forced to close because of an outbreak of the virus. Provide details of your emergency plan to all relevant supervisors and team members, so that they are aware of what they need to do in the event of an outbreak.

In this uncertain situation, it’s essential that you keep your temporary staff safe to ensure that your business remains in operation. Use these tips to make your industrial workplace safe and hygienic for temporary and permanent staff alike.

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