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How to run a safe and efficient fleet

Achieving a safe and efficient fleet is one of the key objectives for most businesses operating a fleet of vehicles, but it is a multifaceted challenge involving the drivers, vehicles and those managing both.

Vehicle telematics can play a big part in helping to achieve this goal, regardless of the size of the fleet. There are many ways to utilise the available technology, from simple GPS vehicle tracking solutions through to more advanced driver behaviour management systems.

CMS SupaTrak has developed the Safer Driver Assistant (SDA); a dashboard display unit, which alerts drivers in real time when they are exhibiting less efficient driving behaviours. The alerts displayed for the driver on the SDA include speeding, idling, excessive throttle use, over revving, harsh braking and harsh accelerating and out of hours usage.

The information collected is also used to produce driver behaviour analysis reports, which can be used to identify drivers in need of corrective management and / or remedial training and recognise trends throughout the fleet. Users can access this information by logging in via the secure website and running the report of their choice, or alternatively, reports can be scheduled to be delivered by email at a chosen time. As the entire system is web based, there is no additional software required. All you need is a PC with an internet connection.

By pinpointing and resolving key inefficiencies, significant fuel savings can be achieved, along with substantial carbon reductions and by controlling factors such as speed, acceleration and braking, safer driving can also be promoted.

Many businesses are already investing in driver training in order to promote safe and fuel efficient driving, but after the initial training has taken place, they see drivers slip back into their old habits. Implementing a telematics solution such as those offered by CMS SupaTrak provides a way to monitor and manage the ongoing performance of drivers and quickly address any relapses in driving style.

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