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HRH on Rubbery Roads

The world’s first all rubber road and rail highway trials Underway.

The industry preview of the world’s first all rubber road and rail highway is
announced for 1st June. The WRAP* funded trial could rejuvenate Beeching’s
redundant rail lines and loss making community lines into toll lanes for private
vehicles with dual use for trams or guided buses lanes.

The HoldFast Rubber Highway (HRH) is now undergoing closely monitored trials at
a secret location near Corby. Leading industry figures representing strategic
rail and highway organisations, infrastructure owners and members of both
central and local government have already confirmed their attendance.

This revolutionary platform has the potential to significantly ease road
congestion and make light rail routes feasible and affordable (as Darling is
urging for). Made entirely from recycled rubber, it also presents the
opportunity to solve Britain’s waste tyre problem.

The Rubber Highway has been invented and developed by Peter Coates Smith, who
owns HoldFast Level Crossings Limited, an innovative company that has
already reused circa ten million waste tyres in rubber crossing platforms. The
company holds the Network Rail Environment Award, HSBC Rail Supplier of the Year
Award and the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

WRAP (The Waste & Resources Action Programme) is funding the trials following an
open call for demonstration trials using UK post consumer tyres in a range of
new applications. An average of 354,000 tyres would be recycled in every one-
mile stretch of this rubber highway.

The HRH platform has been designed to be exceptionally fast to install on
existing or new track beds with significant cost benefits. The cost of The
Rubber Highway is estimated at less than £1.4 million per mile, a fraction of
new road build costs averaging in excess of £20 million per mile.

Coates Smith, believes the Rubber Highway will turn the road versus rail /
public versus private debate on its head by creating an achievable multi user
solution. “With so many light rail projects under threat, community lines
struggling and axed lines lying disused, there is real need for new and
affordable options to realise much needed infrastructure opportunities.”

The preview day will include a full presentation combined with a visit to the
test track and a live traffic demonstration. Those who wish to apply for
invitations should visit

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