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HSE clarifies hand pallet truck requirements

HSE clarifies hand pallet truck requirements

Responding to confusion over LOLER requirements in the marketplace, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed the CFTS position that hand pallet trucks with maximum lifting heights below 300 mm are not subject to LOLER.

It’s a view which has been long held by CFTS, the body behind a UK national standard for the Thorough Examination of lift trucks.

CFTS chairman Geoff Martin adds: “Since these types of hand pallet trucks transport, rather than lift, our position has always been that they shouldn’t be subject to Thorough Examination. We’re pleased that the HSE shares this view.”

The clarification appears within the June 2018 update to the HSE’s Safe use of lifting equipment. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (L113). The publication is free-to-download from: www.hse.gov.uk/L113.

The revised guidance states that LOLER applies to “high-lift pallet trucks, both manual and powered, that have the ability to raise the forks above 300 mm.”
CFTS advises that while LOLER is not applicable to hand pallet trucks, it’s important to ensure equipment complies with PUWER – which covers safety elements, such as brakes and steering.

Mr Martin concludes: “Satisfying LOLER and PUWER requirements is a significant responsibility for companies employing lift trucks… and it’s a source of great confusion for those who oversee that aspect.

“That’s why we are always available and ready to offer the advice that ensure companies operating lift trucks stay on the right side of the Law.”

To find out more about Thorough Examination or to find the details of your nearest CFTS accredited company, visit www.thoroughexamination.org today or call 07730 768668

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