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Hybrid products from PATLITE

The signal towers of the LKEH series combine visible and audible signals. LED modules with the PATLITE-patented prism facet and a large alarm horn guarantee an optimal signalling effect and can be used for diverse applications.

The ultra-bright LED modules of the LKEH signal towers with a diameter of 100 millimetres guarantee outstanding visibility even from long distances. Up to four LED modules in the colours red, yellow, green, blue and transparent can be mounted on the base. The colour sequence and the number of modules can also easily be varied after installation. The smooth glass surface of the light units is easy to keep clean.

The horn supplements the audible signal effect with corresponding audible warnings. The loudness can be controlled steplessly between 0 and 105 (1m) dB. This ensures good audibility even in loud work environments. Both the visible and the audible signal are controlled by means of only one cable. The robust construction of the LKEH signal towers also makes it possible to use them in an environment with strong vibrations and shocks (2G).

Audible support in two versions
Patlite offers the hybrid signal towers in two different versions: The basic variant LKEH-FE features a total of 32 different alarm tones, divided into eight selectable groups, each with four pre-defined signals. The LKEH-FV version of the signal tower allows an additional recording time of 64 seconds by means of an MP3 voice synthesizer. It is designed with either five channels for bit input or 31 channels for binary input. New voice messages or music can be recorded via an SD card (model SDV-128P) and a voice recorder.

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