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Hyster announces additional value-added features on the Fortens range

Hyster has announced the introduction of oil immersed brakes and the only 'extended function' powershift transmission available in the market, on the exceptional Fortens™ H2.0-3.5FT series.

The new extended function “DuraMatchTM Plus2”, 2-speed transmission, available on Fortens Advance+ models, includes oil-immersed brakes as standard. The addition of these added value features provides maximum option availability to ensure that Hyster Fortens trucks can exactly match specific, demanding customer application requirements.

Oil immersed brakes are also available as an option with the DuraMatchTM transmission on both the Advance and Advance+ models.

Oil immersed brakes
Also frequently referred to as “Wet-Disk Brakes”, oil immersed brakes are contained within a sealed unit. The sealed unit promotes reduced maintenance requirements during the lifetime of the truck. Oil changes are only required every 2000 hours.

This sealed unit affords the Fortens Advance and Advance+ models ultimate protection in wet, dirty or corrosive environments, such as foundry operations or in locations exposed to salt water. The risk of brake line damage caused by debris on site is also eliminated.

Furthermore, lower brake pedal effort is required and braking is more consistent over the life of the truck. This is because the sealed unit prevents contaminants entering the brake system, which could result in a loss of braking performance.

Two Speed DuraMatchTM Plus2 Extended Function Transmission
The DuraMatchTM Plus2 is unique in the industry, as it is the only powershift transmission available on the market to offer extended functionality, which ensures that the highest levels of performance are sustained throughout multiple shift operations.

In addition to the standard features found on the DuraMatch transmission, the DuraMatch Plus2 offers the following:
•Auto-Speed Hydraulics with Automatic Inching Control. The engine speed is automatically increased, independent of driver intervention, to provide full hydraulic power to the hoist function, while travel speed remains constant.

•Throttle Response Management allows the operator to manage his travel speed, according to the position of his foot on the accelerator pedal. For example, a certain speed can be maintained on a gradient, without the need to depress the pedal further.
•Extended Auto Deceleration System.
The DuraMatchPlus2 transmission allows the operator to slow the truck down without using the brake. In addition, thanks to the Throttle Response Management feature, the rate of deceleration is dependant on the rate at which the driver releases his foot from the accelerator pedal.
•First Gear offers Increased Drawbar Pull for use on gradients. Second Gear provides maximum engine efficiency in applications where longer travel distances are common.
These features allow for decreased cycle times, increased productivity and exceptional performance in the most intensive and heavy duty applications.

The DuraMatchTM Plus2 transmission is available with a choice of 3.3L Yanmar diesel or the 2.4L GM LPG engine. Customers can also choose between two e-hydraulic control configurations, with either TouchPointTM e-hydraulic mini-levers or the TouchControlTM joystick.

As with all the advanced features on the Fortens range, Hyster has invested thousands of hours in testing the DuraMatch Plus2 transmission. This is in keeping with the whole philosophy behind the Fortens which promises dependability that operators can count on – a promise which is being fulfilled, following the immense success of this truck series.

A complete range of Hyster products is available exclusively through Barloworld in the UK. Users interested in finding out more should contact their nearest Barloworld branch, via Freephone 0800 298 1548

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United Kingdom

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