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Hyster announces Fork Lift Reach Truck upgrades

Hyster has announced several new developments on its popular Matrix reach truck, helping to deliver greater performance and a lower cost of operation in the warehouse aisles.

In a new phase of development, Hyster has announced changes to its Matrix reach truck series, helping to optimise warehouse throughput in a wide variety of applications, particularly in intense logistics and FMCG businesses.
"We have taken the successful Matrix reach truck series and focused on improvements that the operator will really notice" explains Robert O’Donoghue, senior product strategy manager for Hyster warehouse equipment.

Hyster has enhanced the productivity offered by the Matrix reach truck by increasing the maximum traction speed by 8%. With no change between laden and unladen speeds, Hyster has achieved faster cycle times, especially over long distances, helping to reduce the cost of operation. Powerful AC technology on traction, pump and steer motors delivers this superior performance.

Hyster Intelligent Design provides ease of control, giving superb narrow aisle manoeuvrability. It features 180° or 360° progressive steering, powerful acceleration and braking torque, seamless change in travel direction and automatic speed reduction on cornering. Precise fingertip controls initiate the lifts, enabling smooth delivery of heavy pallets to high shelves. Progressive speed control promotes energy efficiency, together with the four different energy/performance settings.

Hyster has also redesigned the overhead guard to improve visibility of the fork tips when putting away or retrieving pallets at height, further reducing cycle times and minimising stock damage.

"Visibility is a major factor influencing an operator’s attitude towards warehouse equipment and is repeatedly cited in our discussions with end users, so it was imperative that we optimised the view when updating our current series" says Robert.

The 1,400kg – 2,500kg capacity Matrix series also features a new seat, helping to reduce whole body vibration even further, with very low profile mechanical suspension, a shock absorber and an integral lumbar support. A weight adjustment range dial allows the seat to be adjusted quickly for multiple users, ranging from 45kg to 170kg, and there is also an adjustable backrest angle with a setting range from minus 5 to 30 degrees
"Operator comfort plays a big role in achieving optimum productivity throughout a shift" Robert adds, explaining that the premium full suspension seat is available in cloth or vinyl with a heated seat option for equipment used inside cold stores.

Hyster has also introduced a number of additional mast height options, with excellent through mast visibility for taller operations that require a high lift height from a reach truck. The Hyster Matrix features a robust, heavy duty mast that provides the stability and control required for placing heavy pallets on racking up to 12m high.

Additional updates include reduced steer noise levels, antistatic traction and wet grip drive wheel and new 800mm and 1590mm forks for the tilting fork carriage with integral side shift.

The Hyster Matrix reach truck operates reliably in intense and demanding applications delivering a low cost of ownership. Similar to all Hyster products, the Matrix is a tough truck, built to last with easy service access and on-board diagnostics for early warning of maintenance requirements. Regenerative braking dissipates the generated heat in the motor, increasing the braking effect and reducing maintenance costs further. IP54 is standard, for protection against dust and water ingress, and CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity for increased reliability. Front and side load wheel protection is also standard, to prevent damage to the truck during operation.

The new Hyster Matrix reach truck is available to suit a wide range of applications and can be tailored with a number of options and attachments

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